PvP balance?

I know it’s hard to balance a PvP match. But a player who mixes a 25k toon with a 13k should never get advantage against a player whith a balanced squad.

Check it out


that’s almost the exact definition of sandbagging. There woyld be no reason to do it if they couldn’t play balanced teams

And yet, you won!

The system seeks to find you the best possible match. That doesn’t mean “always a 100% perfectly-suited match.”

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You call guys from screens what they used heroes with various power, but use himself heroes with various levels, various stars, various amount of plath bars and say something about balance, lol. As for me sandbagger on those screenshots it’s you.

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Op has at maximum 2k difference in hero’s other guy is 10k difference that’s why sandbagging is. @DRey

First of all, you won, secondly its fair balancing, otherwise you could never have won right? This has heen stated multiple times, you can complain whatever you want but its not going to change, the system is fair and balanced for all i know

the first team is not as balanced as the second😉

I showed 2 players using 15k-25k, 13k-23k toons power and even so they got advantage when they should recieve a penalty. That should never happen. Ok, I won. But is that fair? Obviously not.

They did receive a penalty. They faced you.


Please leave this game as far as you can if you want a fair match. :slight_smile:

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