Just got beaten by this team: using a ten star shivs against my six star team.

How do you combat this? It was over in less than 30 sec.

Not sure you could. lol. Attack the weakest support heroes first I guess. That sux Boomsauce

Some advise when facing teams like this, always go for Shivs. Once she is down you can wipe their team easily. By the looks of your screenshot you are running an 8* maven with a 5* shivs. As a result, the system probably punished you, the PVP matchmaking systems like balance otherwise it will throw you against other unbalanced teams


That’s easier said than done when phalanx provides a shield at the start and butter can keep providing the shield while the other 2 are healing.

This is the only time I ever have problems with Shivs. If someone sandbags with her, the match is pretty much over from the very start.

You’ve got a 3k power differential, which puts you in the same matchmaking pool as other people who also have large power differentials. That’s why you’re not getting the best matchups.


Ok. Thx to munnin for responding and everyone else. I think I understand my issue. Gotta get some more stars on my weaker bois. Btw unrelated but whenever I see hideo I have to stop myself from calling him munnin.


That’s the correct response to seeing Hideo in the wild.


What’s the maximum gap I must have between my heroes to not play against sandbaggers?


Craziest one I had yesterday lol


I don’t know what the gap is, as I didn’t design the system. Aim to be as close as you can. The system was implemented due to consistent player complaints about facing teams with varying Hero power.


And before anyone asks: it’s not information I intend to surface. Telling people what the exact gap is, or how the system calculates that kind of thing, just makes it easier to exploit.


Nunca vou entender essa lógica do pvp quem dirá concordar mais fazer o que é a vida

Sandbag yourself lol

This is what the computer chose for me to beat me! I don’t see him fair

This is only my assumption.

System will be like:

  1. Check our most powerfull hero on team. Then paired us with around our “team total power”.
  2. If system found U bring 1 hero with HUGE gap with other 4, it will punish U. Usually with players that have higher Total Power (i.e: Ur TP is 60K+ then punished with player on 70K+ or above).
  3. But, when system found out that U brings 2 most powerful are HUGE difference with other three, system will re-paired with enemies that have “All five in near equal powers, each with as power as Ur both HUGE heroes”. (i.e: like on pict @ADX_Alghefeili have shared above.)

U can analyze Urself by seeing on my pvp battles in my Youtube channel. Or see on this link:

Ofcourse, this is based on my personal experience & might be right or wrong. Yet I always take this trick as my precaution & not to bring HUGE UNBALANCED TEAM. :slight_smile:


Pretty fair match, if you ask me. 8k difference among heroes

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Thanks for all the infos. Beginning to understand.


Sorry, talking about Adx

Thank you,…OXRELLO… information worthy of thanks, we take advantage of you