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I wanted the communities opinion on an idea I’ve had for PvP for quite some time. So any input is welcomed and appreciated!

With the introduction of heroes such as Flatline, and Ifrit (and with the possibility of more revive-skilled heroes); I’ve noticed many complaints about matchmaking being unfair to those who do not use them. As of right now it isn’t impossible to win a match without these heroes but it is tough.

My suggestion: Tweaking PvP from last man standing over to a Kill-Death ratio.

So for example in a 5v5 match on last man standing: If I were to kill 4 enemies, you somehow revive all of them and I kill another 4 enemies while you manage to take out all 5 of my heroes and have 1 hero standing. Currently, you would be the victor.

Applying the same match details to a K/D ratio drastically changes the outcome. I have 8 kills to 5 deaths and you have 5 kills to 8 deaths. I would now be the victor.

Anyway, this is just a thought process on a potential fix to this issue and I would love to hear some feedback - good or bad helps.

As always,
Good luck and happy hunting.

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In my opinion this will be unfair. The character is just using their skills.
In my opinion there should be a haracter able to block the revive. This is the only way you can build some strategy for team composition.

Can you elaborate how this is deemed unfair in your eyes? Many games have adapted this system over the years and to rebuttal I feel as if last man standing is unfair for the abovementioned statistics used to win matches.

E.g. Essentially 5 lives versus 9 lives (with ifrit). how can you see this acceptable?

But I appreciate the feedback, just wanted some clarification.

Kill death ratio would make sense in a match where both opponents have unlimited revives. You play till the timer ends and count the deaths. In the current system it would seem unfair to me. Say you only have a flatline healer in your team and she is the last one left. You hold your own, dodge, barely survive and are able to kill 4 opponents. Basically a clutch situation. She was only able to revive 2 heroes during that match which got killed instantly. The opponent has killed 6 heroes up that point. Flatline kills the last one ending the game with 5 kills on her name. Instead of an victory screen she gets defeat. The player played good and survived a clutch now he’s punished because he did a revive too many?

I could also see this getting abused by players only killing the non healers and raking those kills till the timer ends prolonging a match where it doesn’t need to just to get their k/d ratio up.

A consequence of that is that players won’t use flatline/ifrit anymore because it will hurt their k/d.

Another point is AI. With bots playing beside you as teammates they kill too. Should their kills be counted towards you or not? I can see again abuse as players just auto fight with lowpowered teams spamming botteams. What is the value of a k/d ratio then if you know it may or may not be achieved with bots?

I don’t see value in adding a k/d ratio. The outcome matters not how many heroes you killed.

I’m tired of the PVP events being too much, if I use wifi there would be no problem but I use LTE, so I spent a lot of credit just to get into a good ranking, even if I’m vip …

Not only that, how would certain heroes like Phoenix work? One of her skills allows her to revive, would she be counted as 2 kills every match? That seems to really hurt her gold skill and make her significantly weaker over all.

As for the Ifrit/Flatline meta, I dunno if this would even have a huge impact. You would have to kill minimum 6 heroes before they killed your team to win. While it’s possible and I have had it happen a few times only to still lose, I don’t think it’s a real solution to the current problem. Most often you will get 2-4 kills before your team dies unless you are running the same revive/heal meta.

Honestly, the revive mechanic is just a poor one anyways. It was ok on Flatline because she was a relatively weak hero when introduced, but with Ifrit he has a ton more utility with his heal and Showtime skill. He also makes for the second reviver so they can be paired, and along with Panzer being so powerful creates a very unfair meta to anyone not using it. Even to those using it, it’s not fun since matches are largely mirror save one spot (which is taken up by either one of three healers/support, or Mandrake).

They should have made Ifrit’s heal better and made his platinum skill less OP. Make it only revive one or two heroes max per match. That still gives you a revive revive hero, but doesn’t force you to focus him first every single match he’s in.

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I admit the game has a issue with conditions in the game. Many of these “broken heroes” could be fixed if they had an additional condition to them.

For example:
Flatline can revive dead heroes up to 3 times per match. Anything after that becomes a single heal.
Ifrit can only revive each hero with “Unfinished Business” once.
Panzer must leave at least a X health margin when using “Breach and Clear”

These simple conditions could essentially make PvP more balanced and less infuriating.

Many of you brought up some good and interesting points that I somewhat overlooked.

Thanks for the feedback.