No revive pvp

Is it just me or are you guys having more fun aying pvp this brawl that the normal pvp with the revive team setups like a plat flatline amd a plat ifrit in it
I think this brawl without the is way more fun playing that keep killing the same hero overand over again
Maybe we can more tournaments without the revive heros its way more fun without them

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This brawl is boring as well too little variation in teams. However I agree rezzing should be removed from PvP.


Yea but the concept of having no hero’s that can revive is a huge step to having more fun in pvp
And maybe they should add something like healing reduce by 50% in pvp or something like that because we need the healing in the campain missions so they cant nerf it to hard

If you can’t kill plat Flatline + Ifrit there’s something incredibly wrong with your team or otherwise you’re just playing on auto.

I haven’t lost to Flatline + Ifrit since Ifrit’s first nerf, after his second nerf it’s a downright joke. Meanwhile in this brawl you actually get to see a 1st-Tier support in action and realize the incredible effect they have on the meta. You don’t need revive when Plat Nightingale will make sure nobody ever dies in the first place.

I must be done by something wrong then. My plat dogface and gold2 panzer are unable to phase Flatline. panzer lacks the range to hit the rear line heroes. Dogface is too slow. If there’s a Nightingale legendary skin in play too then forget it. She heals the team to full before any of my heroes can finish a clip. It’s basically imlossible to beat those 3 plus panzer. It’s the very reason every top team has them. Not complaining at all. It’s something to aspire to, but there’s nothing wrong with not beating those teams. Those teams are made to be invincible.

Work on your headshots with Dogface, you will see better results I promise.

Also not sure what you mean by Panzer doesn’t have range… not quite my experience.

I agree with your sentiment. But ultimately, the game is about choices. I have all of the characters, but about 1/3 of them are bronze or silver only. The PVP in <20k power have less toxic 5 minute pvp matches of revive and heal vicious cycle.

What I end up having is a huge variety of character combos as opponents (Like a surprisingly tanky Yan Long, Chesterfield landmine combo with ghoul, 10 Star dogface with scrubs. Haha) and 1 min - 2 mins matches max. And guess what, the rewards are the same. Haha = faster farming.

For someone who actually needs to work, this made a huge difference for me in re-enjoying the game.

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There isnt something wrong with my team its just they use flatline ifrit bpth plat and most of the time 2 other healers and one damage dealer so if you do mucj damage they just out heal it and if you can kil one of them the hero just get revived

5 minute matches are impossible as 3 minutes is maximum.

Well, that Flatline + Ifrit plus healer or healers lineup are common and is still possible to be taken out. As long as you know what you are doing.

I don’t have to much trouble facing them

Plat nightingale is the ultimate edge in this brawl.

The only enjoyable part of this event for me was being able to use Heckler.

Ya, this event sucked imo. There were no revives, but also most of the damage dealers sucked so it didn’t really make a difference.

The few damage dealers that were any good aren’t common so most people don’t have them. Most of my matches were Nightingale, Ryker, and then a random third (Butter, Matador, or Wesson, mostly). I played a few matches vs Artemis and got destroyed. Also had a couple vs 10* plat Wesson and Heckler and also got annihilated.

The event felt like you either had a few of the more rare heroes, or had them high in power and owned, or were playing like every one else playing the same crappy heroes +Nightingale, slowly trying to kill anything on the enemy team.