Pvp issue, got freezing

Downloaded just now, reached Lvl 10 and Doing some PVP after 5 - 7 PVP I’ve Played It’s Freezing and i have to force the game close. And i have an inbox in game about PVP Offline Redult ??

Sorry for my bad English

Hey @ZeedRex,
Could you contact our support team? When you request support through the game we receive information about your device, version, etc all of which can help us track down and fix the issue.

To contact Player Support:

-Tap on your character Profile image within Hero Hunters
-Tap on Support
-Tap on Help
-Look through the FAQ list to see if there is any more information or instructions regarding your issue
-If the issue isn’t resolved by an FAQ, tap Contact Us*

*If Contact Us doesn’t appear, click on any FAQ, and say No when asked if this FAQ was helpful or not.

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