My app keeps freezing / closing

Help community. I can’t access Hero Hunters!
What happened is I blocked a player because he didn’t send a co-op raid in return as we agreed on. Shortly after my app closed. Now whenever I open it it takes just a few seconds and it stops working, closing. I am afraid this player somehow hacked me (?), is that possible?

Might also add the player in question was VIP15 with a very young account and a roster with plenty 10* Platinums - which in itself isn’t anything out of the ordinary but it adds to the hacker suspicions.

I wouldn’t sweat that at this point. My whole alliance is seeing some catastrophic lag during this event that has even frozen up my app and required manually closing it. PVP was herky jerky with heroes sliding or teleporting instead of walking. It was effecting all aspects of the game.

Thanks. I could eventually get back into the app (after about 30 minutes) but I still experience closedowns very frequent (at least once / gaming session) which is something I didn’t have to deal with before. I have re-installed the app.