Pvp need changes

Pvp really need some changes

this game is very frustrating and unbalance in PVP,
-1 please you absolutely have to modify Krieger it makes no sense, as soon as he is in a team with Halo, you are already sure to lose before the game starts,

-2 it is necessary to reduce the gap between the level of person it should not be more than 2000. I find complement silly for example Kurtz 20000 with a level 1 just to use his platinium skill or Ruby 30000 with four green level 1

3- In my opinion it should have a limit of 2 characters per role, for example 2 tank 2 dps, 1 healer
remove the possibility of putting 5 tanks or 5 dps or 5 healer
More close to holy trinity of tank,healer,support,dps

Krieger is fine how he is and is easily beatable, try using some different mech dps heroes

The gap between heroes is natural in this game, you more often than not face heroes using teams that are not balanced if you’re not using a balanced team . Try looking at the teams you’re using and evenly spread the power out, there will always be teams that use Kurtz with level 1 heroes but honestly they’re not hard to beat, just takes skill.

If you try and limit players to what heroes they can use for each match then that’s how you kill multiplayer. PVP is fun because you see teams you would never have thought of, if you make it all having to follow the same structure then you will see the same teams no matter what.

Tldr; get some skills the game won’t change just because you’re bad


You can beat , krieger,mariana,halo,baron,kioshi in pvp. You are probably a beast. Im not bad it just stupid, you tell me im bad , probably because you use these heros.

everyone uses the same heroes, it harms the pvp, there are too many heroes not used, just because of this kind of problem

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I’m not a beast, I suck at PvP, but if you’re going to tell me you can’t beat the Mariana combo even after it has been seriously nerfed then I am sorry but that is your lack of skill. I’m not calling you stupid, I’m saying you should try some different teams and if you’re facing a lot of energy teams such as Mariana and Krieger then take a mech dps like Shivs or 4-cep. It really is not hard to beat, you just need to practice and get better. The Mariana combo has already been nerfed and she is not where near as viable anymore, that is not the ONLY PvP team you will find in the match, it’s merely your own losses to this team making you think it’s all your facing because you can’t beat it. If you want my advice then try taking out Mariana first then the team is easily beatable. PVP is fine how it is and there is nothing unbalanced currently, you just need to get better :man_shrugging:t3:


It is not necessary to damage more heroes, we have the extreme mode where we need certain heroes to be able to advance in that mode. Complaining is not the answer, the truth is that it bothers me that they are hurting heroes, if you knew how difficult it is to put a hero to his maximum power, you would not be here complaining about damaging heroes


The Marianna’s combo is still pretty darn good. I use it all the time and only lose maybe 20% of my matches. The only teams I lose against are mirror matches, or if the other team has a decent power advantage over my own (usually 10k+). Even then they need powerful heroes like Kurtz and Serial.

This is currently the meta because the team is incredibly strong. It’s no different than the 4-Cep, Ronin, Mauler, etc. metas that have all come before it.

Meta kill pvp, because everyone use it, so no choice to use it if you want to win, this really need to change, you cant focus to upgrade a team because in 1-2 month the meta receive a nerf, so you try to find other meta, receive a nerf,is always the same loope, so remove skill like krieger or halo, put only for him skill, like why krieger affect other team skill and why not only is skill, same thing for halo. From long time Mauler affect critical of other team member to stun, and now is only for is crtical, why not do the same thing for hero like halo,krieger

Adds more faction synergi like shivz with shank,colonel wesson with uaf faction is a better choice

It does need a change but in this case i disagree with every point you made.
1-Krieger is good as it is and is easily beatable.
2-I dont want them to limit me which type of hero i use in my team
3- pwr doesnt mean much if team is balanced, hero pwr doesnt mean that some hero is better than the other.

Post some matchups so we can see what’s going on with what you’re facing. Would give us a better idea on how to help.

1 - I do agree that Krieger is a force to be reckoned with. It’s why he’s the second favorite hero released this year according to the forum poll. However, as Gale mentioned he does go down when faced with a potent Mech dps such as Bolt, Dogface, Hardscope, Shivs, 4-CEP, or an up-close Marlowe. He is beatable, just find the counter.

2 - Gale spoke to this well, if you run balanced team comps your chances of beating unbalanced teams go up. Don’t be running silvers with platinums expecting to get an even matchup.

3 - Hard no on that one. Let people experiment how they want to. Bots will give you the kind of diversified teams you’re referring to, but if I want to run a team of all tanks, then that’s my decision. All-tank teams are beefy, but do little dps damage. Again, find the counter and use it.
Pro Tip: If you’re running up against a certain team composition you have a hard time beating; take a screenshot and ask the community how to beat it; you’ll get lots of helpful answers and different strategies.


Please stop complaining about heros. If people keep complaining heros will keep getting nerfed and extreme missions will keep getting more and more difficult to beat. Kriger is a good hero but not overpowered.


That’s not how it works, thankfully! We use analytics data to determine what Heroes to adjust, and which to prioritize. Feedback doesn’t factor into the process much at all. Same with Extreme Missions.


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