Pvp playback

Need a pvp history of previous matches, so we can either try the load out we lost too or be able to make it better. Being able to share the pvp match with fellow alliance can be very helpful as well.


I don´t really need a share option, but to look at some of the last PvP matches oul be nice

I mean we already have screen recording. Being able to share pvp fights with alliance can benefit others.

Nice idea. I would like to see a Match History tab with the results of maybe the last 10 - 15 matches I played. :+1:t4:

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I’d like to make some small amendments to the proposed feature:

(1) Instead of “the X most-recent PvP matches” it would be preferable to have this be a log of “the X most-recent matches”? Frequently one wants to assess what went wrong or right after a raid, or co-op or campaign mission, but the reflex of pressing ‘continue’ means any opportunity for a post mortem examination is gone

(2) A good place for this seems to be the users page as one of the tabs along the top (ie near ‘stats’)

As for other suggestions, I’ll give my opinion if it’s relevant as a survey of sorts:

(3) Sharing Results and/or Replays: Personally, I have very little interest in sharing match results with teammates and even less interest in seeing theirs… A replay/recreation, however, would be of some use sometimes (eg advising how to max damage vs a bounty or how to beat a boss in a raid or even just a hard level… 7-1 hard, anyone?). I think it would also be a good tactical choice to implement replayability so as to remove barriers for secondary content producers (ie YouTubers and such) who inevitably work to grow the player base and evangelize. Again, my use, personally would be limited, but I can see a way that the CBA works out for this.

(4) How many replays to save: I assume the ‘code’ to a replay is not overly large number but that it can actually be costly due to the number of players and then the number of matches played. So, I think the suggestion of 10-15 works, but I’d say there also ought to be an ability to have up to 10 ‘starred’ matches along with that (eg so a content producer can stockpile a few between editing sessions, a person with a bug can show video and or share the session data, or just so people can replay moments they particularly enjoyed)

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