Pvp ideas /changes

1- add pvp history
The games played won and lost with each player
And add a win ratio
And make this history appear to other players in the stats

2-add “Play again” button
Like in the coop when a game ends there is an play again buuton adding this will make pvp more interactive like if i lost the match i can replay it again with a change in the team

3- add a team stats like defens and offense and agility and other stuff
Like when we choos our five heros a chart will appear displaying the the stats of the selected team like this in the fifa player stats



Everything seems nice besides the play again button. I can see some intentional losing to farm the pvp currency.

I dont see anything intentional
Pvp matches r random
Playing with random players
Plus this rematch idea can have rules to mediate it

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i disagree with the “play again” button. like if the case when doing pvp which min-maxing is prohibited, the losing team might press play again and use stronger team far from your winning team. or any of your present heroes if you like to change team, for instance, your highest hero is at gold only, while your opponent uses plat then few gold or silver, would that make you lose and unable to win again?


Thats why i said the rematch will have some kind of rules to control, mediate and organize it :neutral_face: