Pvp rewards

Why have the pvp rewards lowered so drastically? I love running pvp but the rewards just seem to be broken.

The pvp crate rewards have dropped too.

Also the update notes did mention that we will now be competing in power brackets instead of the previous team level brackets. Can someone please clarify what these brackets will be?


Rip hero hunters It was fun while it lasted


Tell me about it. All things they “missed” in the Patch Notes

The PVP Tournament rewards need some adjusting, specifically the Hero frags. The rest seem fine to me.

As for the brackets, I imagine they’ll be similar to the Gauntlet brackets, if not the same thing. Here’s a quote from Muninn from the July 2019 Update Notes:

“Before an event, we don’t show which bracket you’re in currently, so you don’t know if those rewards are the max possible rewards, or just what your bracket offers. Again, context. I’ll talk to the team about getting that information in the rewards in the future so you can see your bracket and what the highest bracket can potentially earn”

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They need to get rid of the 150 pvp gems, thats not even a laughing matter. Bad joke and it has a high pull rate

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Hey the PVP reward is awful, This will discourage people from playing PVP. Gold dropped, and the little cash we earn there is gone now. We’re now relying on Gauntlet for cash only… not cool.

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They need to get clear of the money whales, they probably noticed they earn more money with new players who spend 50-100 and quit after that rather then keep their loyal fan base. Rip hh


Update: The PvP rewards are going to be increased


Thanks for the response! :blush:

Crate rewards are still less than before took out the top gold and top cash rewards : /