Update: PvP Tournament Rewards and PvP Crate Payouts (7/3/2019)

Since we announced the July 2019 Update, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding PvP prizes of all kinds. We want to take a few moments to address your concerns and let you know what’s going on.

PvP Tournament Rewards

Some of you noticed that the reward payouts for this week’s PvP Tournament looked a little low. That was due to a few factors:

  1. We changed the way PvP players are bracketed. Now, you’re bracketed by overall Team Power, and not by Team Level. This means some players may end up in a different Bracket than they’re used to being in, which means prizes may be lowered for that new Bracket you find yourself in.

  2. A bug that hid the Bracket browsing function meant that players had no idea what Bracket they were in, and weren’t able to cycle through and see what the possible max rewards were for the highest Bracket. This lead to the perception that prizes were different for different players. They are, but it’s based on your Bracket. That issue has been resolved, and you can now scroll through different Brackets.

  3. Rewards payouts across the board for PvP Tournaments were a little lean in general. We’re addressing that by bumping them up, which you should see very shortly. The rewards for this PvP Tournament will be increased, though we don’t have a set time on when you can expect to see those changes reflected in-game, but it will happen before the event ends.

PvP Crate Payouts

NOTE: This refers specifically to the PvP Crates you earn for winning five PvP matches, not the similarly-named Tiered Crates.

Many of you pointed out that the payouts for the PvP Crates, in particular the gold payouts, had lowered with the July update.

Good news! That’s a bug. Due to changes in the Bracket calculation method, every player is seeing and being awarded the lowest Bracket prizes. We can fix that, and we intend to.

Bad news! It might take some time, as we’re still investigating what work will be necessary to solve the problem.

More good news! We’ll be sending out a compensation package to all players, to make up for this once the issue has been corrected. Keep your eyes on your inboxes.

Thanks for your feedback and support!


Love the quick communication and you regarded some of the big complaints here. Nice work Muninn!

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See, everyone…
It wasn’t the end of the world this time either.


Oof nice quick fix but sadly it’s going to take time to fix pvp crate

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While I appreciate your forthcoming and getting out ahead of the problem, I’m still left wondering “why?”

I, and a whole lot of other people, are getting a drastic lowering of rewards for much more effort in PvP.

For instance, I could place 1st place in my bracket (hours upon hours of grinding) and still get less of a reward than I previously got with three matches. Where is the incentive to put in that time? I would suggest the same rewards for all the brackets, that way no one is getting screwed over and if you want first place for the highest rewards then you can still strive for it.

Dr. Pooptit, Westside alliance

EDIT: now that they have updated the rewards, it makes more sense, and I can live with the changes.


Thanks for the communication. Again, I may not like things going on, but more often than not you guys make it right. I’ll also mention that I’m not upset about the new setup of brackets. It’s about time players that have put in the time/effort/money be compensated more than those who don’t; and I’m saying this as someone who will earn less rewards as things stand now. All too often it appears those who spend most are expected to spend more than those who don’t; IMO this should be welcomed change. I have a couple questions that I believe are relevant.

  1. When in a particular bracket like champ or elite, do you only face players in that bracket or will you face players in any bracket that happen to match up with your team?
  2. With regards to the rewards divisions–after division 3, divisions are based on %. I don’t like making assumptions so is this % based on total in the bracket or total playing in all brackets. Either way, the % markers make it impossible to determine where we rank because we don’t know how many are participating. So if you guys could make this a bit more transparent, I’d appreciate it.
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Glad they are adjusting the awards hopefully back to the way they should but saying that because brackets changed we would see lower rewards most the brackets have lower rewards the the lowest tier in pvp before.

  1. We changed the way PvP players are bracketed. Now, you’re bracketed by overall Team Power, and not by Team Level. This means some players may end up in a different Bracket than they’re used to being in, which means prizes may be lowered for that new Bracket you find yourself in.

Really? You normalized the rewards to 1.25M - 1.5M bracket? And those below that bracket will get lesser rewards? Thats too much

And 50% chance for 10 gold and 35k bucks?

really thank you for changing in pvp rewards developers.

Thanks for the fix …

Razordome rewards suck!

Everything you have a question mark attached to was addressed in the body of the initial message :slight_smile:

The event rewards have been updated but the pvp crates remains untouched, I still receive 3 frags and so on. Please fix this
Ps. I am on Android

Be patient! Fix is coming, just not right away.

Thank you devs for changing it back to what we used to earn. However, i think it might be some kind of error…because right now the reward change back like the photo i attached. In the morning i saw i can get frags 125 drake and 125 caine. Just anfeedback though :slight_smile: thanks

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Yes agreed rewards in pvp went back to the way they were when this event started. Yer not the only one seeing this. Hopefully they will get it fixed again.

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dear hh,
PVP tourney rewards returned to before. Pls fix,tourney ends tomorrow. Thanks

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Thanks for the reports everyone! We’ll look into it.

Should be fixed now! Reboot your devices!

This did not get fixed on mine it displays what I should have got but that’s not what I recieved when I collected my reward