Question about resetting a solo raid costs

So I reset my bio raid for 40 gold.
Now the price is 60. I need to run the raid again but my question is, will the price for a reset reset at midnight?

For reference in my country I get my raids at 9am, now it’s 5.20pm so midnight is in approx 6 hours. That means when I wake up tomorrow at 7am the bio raid is still available for 2 hours. So has the gold price to reset it gotten back to 40 gold?

Yes it will go back to 40 gold, if that is midnight or 9am for you im not sure

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Still 60 at my place, 00:24 here

60 here, 4.51am. Experiment done, result failed.

The price resets for everybody at the same instance in time, I believe.
“Time” being the exact moment of NOW… not the man-made ideology of “time” as a clock would tell you.

Our clocks may say our times are different, but now is now, in this very instance. :wink:

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Many things reset at my midnight:
The Daily Calendar, the quests, the costs for stamina purchase, bucks trade etc etc. so I thought also the price to reset the active daily raid got back to 40 - proven to myself now that’s not the case. :slight_smile:

Either you misunderstood what I was asking or they changed how it works or you were simply wrong. :slight_smile:

Things change at different times. PVP store, Alliance store, Gauntlet store, and bonus quick wins (for watching an advertisement) reset at 5 pm CST. Basically all the stores. Gauntet and daily quests reset at 12 am. Co-op and solo raids reset at 2 am.

Of course this is central standard time I am in. Whatever time zone you are in will change that. For example if you are Pacific Standard Time it will all reset 2 hours “earlier” than the listed, so at 3, 10, and 12.