Raijin - Update 7.8

New hero: Raijin

:sparkles: Skins:

Common: Ikazuchi
Rare: Narukami

No NEW! Mythic skin this time around, however since it’s the month of love, some has been given to a very special Hero who has become Lovestruck!

That’s right! The Rare Skin for Cross has received some readjustments to bring it to a whole new level and has been turned into a Mythic!

:sparkles: Featured Factions:

People’s Guard

:sparkles: Events:

  • Blitz events
  • Bounties
  • PvP Tournaments
  • New PVP Season
  • Co-op Raids
  • Alliance Wars
  • Ethereal Raid
  • Extreme Raid

:sparkles: Additional events

Min’s Danger Sim - “Wild Valentine”!

Express your love towards the Heroes by beating waves of enemy teams, with some specially picked combinations on boss waves!

There’s a checkpoint after each boss waves and once you have beaten wave 50, Ryker will give you a rose! I mean, you will receive this thematic portrait:

But that’s not all! By clearing the waves, you will also earn Valentine Crate Tokens (20 in total) with which you can open the special Valentines Crate! The crate contains some thematic Skins, Hero and Elemental frags, and more goodies!

:sparkles: Hero changes:

:muscle: Buffed Heroes:

Ronin, Barricade, Cinder, Kaishi, SheShen, Xianjiu, YanLong :point_right: Hero Buffs - 7.8 (Part 1) - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community Hero Buffs - 7.8 (Part 2) - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community

:gear: BUG FIXES & MISC.:

  • Removed the knockback effect on Lwa’s Bronze Ability: Hex of Decay to address the abnormal behavior displayed when the ability is used on the Hero Morrigan;

  • All Holiday Skins that were rewards from events like Scavenger Hunt or Min’s Danger Sim now have their proper holiday tags and icons in the Skin Menu and Skin details;

  • Any bug fixes for the buffed heroes you can find in their respective posts above;


YES! Cross got some love! No pun intended…

But that skin still fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.