Update 5.8 — Valkyrie


Let me introduce you to the Vengeful Goddess, Valkyrie. :comet: Download the latest update now and unleash her judgement on your enemies!

:zap: https://clc.to/HHiOS
:zap: https://clc.to/HHAndroid


:ballot_box_with_check: Common: Disir
:ballot_box_with_check: Rare skin: The Fallen
:white_check_mark: New Mythic Skin for Verrill: Detective
:white_check_mark: New Mythic Skin for Luciana: Phoenix

Featured Faction:

Faction_Unaffiliated copy Mercenary
Faction_Shoremen copy Shoremen


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: New Raids
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: New PVP Season
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Blitz
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Bounties
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Co-op Raids
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Alliance Wars
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: PvP Tournaments

Hero changes:

Since this update brings a whopping 11 hero changes :exploding_head: we decided to dedicate separate posts covering each hero and their respective adjustment. In case you missed any of them, you can check them out below.

:point_right: Hero Buffs - Part 1
:point_right: Hero Buffs - Part 2
:point_right: Stygia Changes

Misc and Fixes:

:black_small_square:Fixed a bug with Bounty events where SheShen summoning was causing errors for some players.

:black_small_square:Fixed a bug with the Hero: Revenant where he was drawing more aggro from AI even when no taunts were active.

:black_small_square:Fixed a bug with the Hero: Revenant where “Haunted” DOT triggered by Bronze Ability: Undying Soul dealt significantly less damage than “Haunted” DOT triggered by Platinum Ability: Eerie presence

:black_small_square:Fixed a bug with the Cyphon’s behavior of Bronze ability Limpet Parasite where it was not behaving according to the description.

:small_orange_diamond:Changing the Cyphon’s Silver Ability: Reallocate triggers to look at his team health instead of his own. This alongside the Bronze ability: Limpet Parasite bug led to the Silver ability: Reallocate AI to rarely activate it.

:small_orange_diamond:Misc: Change of hero fragment rewards of 4 Daily Quests. (Changed the hero)

:small_orange_diamond:Misc: Change the reward for TabJoy Daily quest

:small_orange_diamond:Misc: Change of the 4 starter player offers

:small_orange_diamond:Misc: Alliance patrol hero list is updated with more of the Mech/Energy/Bio heroes and now includes the Astral and Void heroes as well (with lower % chance to be chosen by the system). This includes not only the specific heroes but the elements as well.

:small_orange_diamond:Other minor bugs were fixed, mainly quality of life improvements


Four new heroes for Daily Quest rewards? While I already have most people 10*, I still appreciate this change. Love the hero alternations, and the over all adjustments and fix’s given to the game! Great update. :+1:t2:

EDIT: I had no clue Sapphyr was put in. Haha. Now y’all are forcing me to place PvP daily for my Sapphyr fragments. Lol.

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BETS UPDATE DECAS EVER HAD!!! 10 stars!!! One thing I absolutely love is that we get 2 mythic skins, the only thing (personal opinion) I didn’t like is the change of quest characters, mainly because that my only source of heronium at the moment, it’s really just a r i p for me,

Also this new hero is gold!!! Can’t wait to see how she works out in pvp!

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@bulls.eye Thank you.

The question I have for Valkyrie simply is her livelihood.
For example her platinum skill where the 1st time Valkyrie takes lethal damage the gains the effect of Atral Vengeance for 4 seconds leaving her no lower than at 1HP right. Don’t you realize this is going to happen a lot because we still don’t have her astral frags available. Leveling up weak 5* heroes to let’s say level 100 for the skills benefits that increase with levels vs other 100 level 10* with much higher inherent hp is a continued problematic balance that needs to be corrected. I just chewed through a bunch of mw tokens and more of her 2 new crates and now I’m out. She’s not in the 5* crate neither. I got some of her frags 15 but a bunch of dups of things I do not need. So we have a hero skill that’s HP dependent and no solid way to build up her HP with frags. Can you please refrain from making heroes hp dependent in elements that are not available for everyone until they are ready available like other elements for everyone to stay competitive in the level of skill and HP minimum arrangement such as this.

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We mainly just need a way to gain the frags;

Example; heronium store purchase of 10 astral and void frags = 750, (basically the original value of other frags plus 50%)
10 frags = 750
20 frags = 1500 ,
30 frags for 2000,
This way it costs more since they are “probably hard to come by,” considering this is a version of heronium that was recently developed considering lore, but also have the same availability of the other frags, 60 each a day, but considering we can’t refill the alliance store, this gives is purpose again for those higher up,

This is a good suggestion. Another one I’ve considered is to just make Universal Fragments useable for Void and Astral heroes. It feels like the point of Universal Frags should be to be, y’know, universal. Right now they very much aren’t.

It feels bad to not be able to evolve many of these new heroes, so any kind of option to do so would be very welcome.


Nice update… :smiley:

For the next one, please consider to change (or add) items in the stores…

Looking at all of the HH players level now, I think the stores need to cover all kind of the necessaries item too…


Please dont forget to sell mythic skins also.
Previously whenever a mythic skin is released; it was also available for purchase.
Saves time at the cost of money; i understand not everyone wants to buy ; but some of us may.

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That’s not a good idea. We’ve been short for months, many heroes of those respective elements are way below par to be competitive and you’re suggesting to make it available at a more expensive price; thereby adding to more delays to be competitive with players who do have them better developed or maxed heroes of those elements that use void to counter void and astral to counter astral? Who wants that? Look at the current on going faction pvp event. Do you not see how forceful the mismatching is because of the lack of available frags. There’s better solutions,

The stores do not need to be totally changed. They did some of that with rotation as we have it now and still many things are left unavailable because of the duplication heroes players still need and deserve but not everyone. .
Someone should make a list because it’s not just unavailable frags its unavailable gear, heroes, and skins. I’d tell you more about gear if I had serial to go further in extreme missions. I’m sure there’s plenty of others that know what’s unavailable at those levels.

The stores need improvements through expansion and maybe a new store. The slots could be expanded to each store by a 1/4 more and fresh new seasonal stores could be made available for previous skins and new seasonal skins. Seeing Dogface 4th of July and beck turkey gobble-gobble fat feet suit year around in coop events and then in July when her faction is bonused is kinda lame and stale than at first enjoyable for that Xmas holiday season. She like many heroes need new skins as well.

Your logic being “why we shouldn’t be able to buy astral and void fragments” doesn’t make sense once so ever. Adding an option to buy frags just like Mech/bio/energy wouldn’t add more delays to being competitive, if anything it would make things quicker. Players could evolve the Astral/Void heroes faster and start using them in PvP right away. (If of course the heroes worth using lol). Also, you say that the stores shouldn’t be changed then you go on to list some changes they should receive. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

Your reply is incorrect. I said not make it available at a more expensive price to begin with not the ability to purchase. The stores can be improved without changes for the benefit of new players and the regulars. I mean you can totally change the stores but then you’d cutoff new player’s who have been using it to fill other players needs and there’s no reason if there were expansions made to accommodate more for the players at large in need that are beyond the current offerings in the stores that most new players use.

The more expensive price would make the lord of astral and void being a different version of heronium and being hard to obtain more accurate, but I think it should be available in both the alliance and heronium stores, maybe even have a astral/void crate like the biochem crate and energy and mech that gives 30 frags, I feel like that would work well with them

Where’s the spewage?? It’s doesn’t available in hero crate… Pls add it… And also pls add the serial hero any crate or sevenstar crate…

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Serial has no availability, it sucks, i might never get him lol

Random question; the mythic for verril and serial don’t change the guns appearance, why is that?!

Hey. So, from what I understand it’s a problem of availability mostly. Considering that and your request for stores revamp I believe we might have some good news for everyone soon. Thanks for the feedback once again.


@bulls.eye thank you for the reply to that. I’m confident more good will continue to come from all the new changes.