Ranger Tokens

Hi, I just have a question about Ranger Tokens. Will there opportunities for us to earn more of them before the crates expire? For example, the Yeager bundle deal was AMAZING! So great that I bought it thrice. I would like to know if there will be other similar chances to earn them so that I can continue to save gold. Otherwise, I will just buy a x10 hero crate.

I had this offer show up recently. Perhaps you have something similar.

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If you inspect the tokens you should see that once the events are over the tokens themselves will be turned into Bucks, pretty much spend’em while you got’em

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Thank you! I did see that but did not take advantage because personally I didn’t think it was a good deal, especially in comparison to the Yeager offer.

Yes I get that. I’m moreso asking how can we acquire the tokens? I’d like to get a few more because those crates are AWESOME!