Any idea how to get the Rangers chips?

I’ve been spending some gold and some Easter eggs in energy purchases but I can not find this happy fichan Rangers, someone has an idea how to get them?

Buying the super fragment sale that cost 199 gold gave me those tokens.

I bought thrice because the sale was amazing.


Yeager special offer gives 1 A class and one B. Its cheap. 199 gold.

Yeager special offer for vip15 costs 1199 gold, gives 200 frags but also only gives 1 A and 1 B Class. Devs once again penalising the loyal payers, why?


For vip 13,it’s 499 gold for 100 yeager’s frags and one A and one B token

200 gold?

HH act normal to your loyal players…

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I have this offer

If you have enough gold you should buy it and hope you get a good 5* hero from the A Token! I hope you do not get Chesterfield!

The biggest gold offer should give at least five A-tokens and 5 B-tokens for each purchase

I do not have those two.

I have every hero and I’m above 1 mill power, I’m not talking about a 5* hero, I’m talking about a x4 more money payment to get the same…

Pretty sure the Offer is mainly for the Yeager frags so in that regard your 1200 gold offer is cheaper than than 200 gold offer. The 2 tokens were just thrown in for free to introduce them to people.

They are both good but Odachi is better.

Its less about the 5* and more just 165 frags for 200 gold.

I have a 10 star phoenix so my dupe got me a load of heronium.