Remove Friend requirement for Co-op Missions

During this last Hold the Line event, it has been extremely frustrating having to add and remove people from friend list all the time to play and help others. Completely puts a damper on the event.

The whole chat system is terrible to be honest, takes ages to load, delete chat feeds and they don’t dissapear etc.

At least give us the option to simply click someone’s name then invite to Co-op from there, this will help alleviate some of these bad chat issues.

You have designed and built a great game here, one of my favourites on Android and I’ve spent thousands on it already, but this is honestly the worse in-game chat system I’ve ever known, sorry to be brutally honest :slightly_frowning_face:

It needs serious attention.


Second this, either an easier to navigate UI when selecting who you want to play with or simply add an invite to co-op mission option when clicking their portrait.

I’m still clicking on random friends, and seeing ‘NEW MESSAGE 1 week old’.
The Chat system is infuriating to use.

My thoughts, exactly.

Would love to just be able to invite people directly by clicking on their name.

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