Update UI for inviting a player for a co-op raid / sorting of friend list

I think this is a bit wonky in 2 ways:

  1. I would love to be able to invite a player directly via the menu I get from clicking his avatar in the chat. This menu gives a few options such as “INSPECT”, “ADD FRIEND” etc. I’d like to see “INVITE” as an option as well.

  2. The friends-list, is there a logic to the sorting of this?
    It’s not alphabetical, it does not show new friends at the top, it does not show online only friends at the top… I often have to scroll the list up and down 2-3 times before I find and can invite my new friend. 2-3 times doesn’t sound too much but most players wanna play right away, being too slow means they already found a player to co-op with. :frowning:


My friend list is alphabetically ordered. Could it be because of localization?

They either messed up the order in your language or they ordered it correctly in mine, maybe?

The list I get when I click my FRIENDS tab is somewhat alphabetical but the list I get when I am to invite a player for a co-op raid is a mess.

Same here. It seems to bei the same order all the time, but I can´t figure out which order it is.

Great I’m not the only one / the confused one. Do you agree this is confusing especially when you have a new friend who you want to play co-op with?

Sure it is. I mostly do my raids with the same partner and hes second last in the list, so quite easy to find. But if I do them with someone else its just annoying.

Ah, the one when you are inviting. My mistake. I have no idea how that one works, since I always send invites to alliance, never paid attention to it.

Ignore what I said, then :stuck_out_tongue:

Said what? You said something? I’m going full ignoring here already.

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