Ridiculous PVP match-up

@HH What kind if match up is this? I had totally no chance against him at all. Please resolve the issue


Please don not use the other thread. Please make a new one, even if the other one is just 3 threads beneath yours.


Pvp is becoming a bit boring as match ups are unrealistic there should be a cap on power between opponents

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Unfortunately matchmaking seems to be getting worse, not better.

Some word from the devs would be nice, especially what kind of team compositions they regard to be fair and would get a match placement with someone of similar strength.

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Yea i just logged into this to make a post about it. Their algorithm sucks

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Pvp flt out sucks. Complete waste 9f time. Unplayable… what else is there to say other than why do the developers allow this crap to continue?

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