New Updates PVP Algorithm

At the risk of appearing as a sore loser Devs… I just don’t see the improved matchmaking algorithm you worked out when at this high power level every star and bar makes a huge diff. And when my 72k team can play an 81k team ?? Both of us were well balanced and well constructed teams. I don’t get what you improved ??


Are all your skills maxed out? This gets punished badly if I rememberr right.

Yes all maxed skills for my hero’s

I usually get games about 2-3k per off and for me that’s pretty reasonable. I’m able to win against people who have a higher power than me and some people can beat me even if they have lower power. 6k power difference is a bit absurd though.

yeah totally fixed pvp matchmaking

@darkside87 you have a 3 bar 12k power dogface with a no bar 9.1k ifrit against an almost perfectly balanced team… I’d say the system is working perfectly based on that screenshot alone.

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lol yeah working perfectly suure thats why i dont get that matchup always and forget ifrit i switched last few days i had 8 star razor instead and was matched 5k plus more than this team ever did

Ok? That’s still a very unbalanced team and you’re getting (correctly) punished for it.

so is he punished aswel? because its clearly my team is fine and there is no min maxing like this guy

You both run hero’s with an incredible difference in stars though, and 1 plat +3

I dont think 8 to 6 stars incredible difference but 10 to 5 stars that’s a major difference and why didn’t he get punished for that then ? And I had razor 8 stars instead of ifrit and still had same issue matching with 4k and above power levels so that’s definitely not the problem

This is a near perfect matchup. Just 200 power point difference.

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perfect? do you even read before posting my friend why isnt he punished as for using 10 star and 5 star at same team then why above that i posted before another screenshot that same 52k got matched with 58k team how is that fair

Hero%20Hunters_2018-10-30-23-13-12 this is just ridiculous

Guys, game hates plat bars and uneven plat bars right now. Figure it out.

Really, the revised PVP matching algorithm is even worse than before, lol.

I profoundly disagree that it creates more balanced matchups.

It punishes you for running uneven plat bars… but hello, it’s not as if I can plat 3 my whole team evenly and instantly.

It punishes you for running uneven stars. But hello, again, it’s not as if I have an excess of stars to go around for all my heroes, and even if I did… no bucks to evolve! Game already does not give enough Bucks. Bounty recently cost a huge amount of bucks. Evolution takes a prohibitive amount of bucks once you cross 8 stars.

So you’re punishing players for doing their best and even if you maxed out levels and skills and stars that you had, you would still get a fucked up matchup because the system thinks you’re ‘cheating’ because you don’t have enough stars or bucks.

That sucks.


I regularly face teams 3-8k higher than my own. Once you get into the 55k+ range it gets wonky. Your highest level may be several thousand points above the lowest hero on your team, but you get punished while your opponent has the exact same highest hero and stronger lower level ones. For instance:

This was after losing my main heroes, Nightingale, Mandrake, and Ifrit. I had to switch down to lower level heroes with bigger gaps in power. Because of this, I was severely punished by facing a team almost 8k more power than my own. If you look though, every one of his heroes was the same or higher power than my own.

I really shouldn’t have been punished here, and definetly not by almost 8k power.

No I see nothing wrong with this matchup. They don’t care what reasons you might have for running uneven heroes like the way your 5-star gold Caine sticks out like a sore thumb here.

They just want to punish uneven heroes. That’s it, really. That’s their rationale. They think playing even heroes (like the successful event the 3 PVP Drafts have been) is a virtue. That’s the reason why you got the matchup you got.

Devs, I am not sure you got this one right.

I’d say, revert the changes to the previous version as it was better.

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spot on i couldn’t have said ot better you just said whats on a lot of players mind

My opponent has more power difference between highest and lowest hero than me. This match is not the worst I have had actually after the update. Normally I am facing teams around 62K. Get your algorithms right HH or tell us what exactly do you consider as balanced and give us components and frags to make each and every character identical in stars and skills.

I am really in this game because of PVP and recent update has actually made it worse. Earlier I was matched up with 4k difference which I can handle but this is outrageous. I am not trying to do any min/max or whatever you call it. This will make harder to play with featured heros when I just unlock them because I can’t instantly make every hero 7-10 star and plat to use them.

Not everyone is trying to min/max and just trying to enjoy some pvp with whatever heros we have.

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