S.O.M.A. - Update 7.5

New hero: S.O.M.A.

:sparkles: Skins

Common: L.Y.R.A.
Rare: Voidfiend

NEW Mythic Skin for Butter: Augmented

:sparkles:Featured Factions:

Patriots and KLG Irregulars
PatriotsKLG irregulars colour

Changes to Legendary Skins

Hunters, you may have noticed that recently there have been some changes when it comes to certain skins. All non-plus Rare skins became plus ones and in the last update, a few Mythic skins were reworked. Our goal is to make these skins as useful to you as possible, making sure they provide just the right stats the certain hero might need, as well as making them stronger on the battlefield.
With this update, the Legendary skins for Nightingale, Beck, Heckler, and Salvatore will all be Legendary+ skins, their max level going to 6. Along with Steele’s Legendary+ skin, they have also received a rework to the stats and Legendary abilities they provide to each of these heroes.

You can find more details here :point_right: Legendary Skin Changes - 7.5 - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community

We hope you’ll enjoy these changes and have even more fun using these heroes from now on!

:sparkles: Events

  • Blitz events
  • Bounties
  • PvP Tournaments
  • New PVP Season
  • Co-op Raids
  • Alliance Wars
  • Ethereal Raid
  • Extreme Raid

:sparkles: Additional events

Black Friday Blitz Event!

The Black Friday Blitz event is making a return! Purchase offers and various deals to earn points, climb the tiers, and unlock some awesome rewards! More details about the tiers, points needed, and the rewards will come with a future event schedule.

:sparkles: Hero changes

:muscle: Buffed Heroes:

Bucket, Striker, Lancer and Matador! :point_right: Hero Buffs - 7.5 - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community

:gear: BUG FIXES:

  • Fixed an issue where sound effects from Ravager’s Platinum ability were bypassing the sound settings of the game;
  • Fixed an issue where some of the sound effects of Altera’s hero preview scene were bypassing the sound settings of the game;

Amazing hero with a great design (even if she’s a void), legendary changes are great, absolutely loving it, and buffs are really sweet. The only gripe I have with this update is the new mythic for butter just feels… lacking. Not even a new weapon camo, sadz

I used to have a limit of 40 per day, but I think it would be a good idea to reduce it to 15 from Helios. I think it is impossible to obtain SOMA within the limited period.

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