Seasonal store more frequently

Both Christmas and Halloween shoop were amazing and I understand that kind of shop could not be possible every month but…

Why not a Seasonal Shop every 2-3 months.

I was thinking about Easter Scavenger Hunt next March, something related to Summer or even just a 4 of July Scavenger Hunt, Halloween Scavenger and Christmas again, with maybe more little events, maybe related to regional celebrations such as 5 de Mayo (like last year), Oktoberfest, St. Patrick, etc


Definitely would be cool, but I’m gonna echo your words when you said “that kind of shop could not be possible ever month.” Even every 2-3 months is possibly too much. A lot of work goes into making the shops, creating the unique skins, and planting 100 hidden items all over the game. I have a strong feeling that seasonal stores will remain on major holidays. If you were to eliminate the scavenger hunt that almost always goes with it, perhaps it could be possible. Although, letting the devs know how much you personally enjoyed the seasonal stores and hunts could give them something to set their sights on as something to keep strong and enjoyable.

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Scavenger hunts and Holiday Stores are great, but I agree with Gambit, every 2-3 months would be putting too many resources into it. I hope they’ll do an Easter event and something for the summer, too.

…so every 2-3 months :wink:

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Lol. Keep in mind the gaps between, like most of summer. They do a small Fourth of July rent but that’s it.

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