Candy Corn Special Offer

Are we get possibility to buy extra candy corn for gold like this was in Halloween Scavenger Hunt last year? This time event shop is really awesome, but 9k of candy corns is not enough to buy atleast half of needed goods.


If i’m not mistaken i can remember a bundle. Or that might have been the giveaway on the discord servers.
Though yes i agree we could use more. Since all the rewards are needed. Especially by higher players who have to grind weeks for cores


If memory serves me right, for every kind of scavenger hunt HH will eventually offer a special offer to purchase the candy corn! I’m one of those players that just buys the items.

The Halloween store closes in four days. I hope we can buy more candy corn with gold for those of us that didn’t have time to finish the hunt.


Buying extra candy corn would be great!!!


:100:Most Definitely! Especially for us players that can’t see those pumpkins! Last year HH offered special offers to buy them & the year before, so why is it different this year?


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