Halloway and his holograms

I found his spotlight thread to be locked.
Anyway, thanks for the UAF finale week when I could finally get me some Halloway fragments! He’s fun and cool to use.

Have a probelm though. I can’t seem to recognize the extra shots his Silver skill is said to do when you have one or several holograms activated. I’m not sure if I just don’t see it or if the skill is broken?
Anyone else?

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Sorry I can´t answer your question, but I got one myself and since this thread is about Halloway…

Do his clones activate Halos Platinum?

@ULFPAM I thought I saw them hit, my 6* silver Holloway does 3/4 mill damage each run in the bounty so it seems to be working.

@WalleWu In theory it works, same as hivemind, I don’t have a plat halo jet but I think it should work.

OK! So, it’s the damage number that is higher? You can’t physically see him shoot the energy ball 2 or 3 times?

@ULFPAM Oh sorry I don’t know what my reading skills were doing.

Yes I saw them shoot the energy ball(silver skill)

When you have 3 hollo s active they shoot 3x

Yeah… :frowning:
I never seen that happen. It’s always one ball no matter how many holograms are running around. I’ll try to make a video to show it.

I kinda also feel that my Razorback doesn’t work; I never seen him deal damage when his shield depletes.

shield must depleted by damage, not by shield running out of time.

They shoot with a small delay. They start the shooting animation once Halloway has finished. You can see them casting it. But the projectiles are hard to follow, since they are really fast.

Try watching your clones when you tap on his silver and see if they do the animation. If they don’t, try contacting support.

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Ya, there is a delay. The clones start shooting after the hero finishes. I always see them shoot three beams after and do the damage I just did x3.

Yep, I was confused at first. He shoots the beam, then the rest of the halograms (however many you have) shoot it at the same time. Maybe I’m trippin, but the hologram seems to do (slightly) more damage than my original shot, even when there is only one. it’s probably me, since the description of the skill doesn’t mention that.