Shank & Shivs Meta is back

Shank & Shivs meta-

Shank and Shivs meta is shivs and shank boosting each others damage output and survivability, this was previously bugged making the gold and platinum not boost each other, now that the developers have fixed it it is fully back, this bug occured after the buff on their platinum/gold

Why is it so strong? - because when shank uses his silver ability he gives shivs extra hp and a hp regen over time, and shivs gives shank her damage boost from her gold and the damage/reload/fire rate boost when having killed an opponent, and as shank now has high damage he could be seen as a damage dealer, he now also has heals and stuns available at his command, this makes them both tougher to take down and playing as shank will make you fill 3 roles : Damage Dealer, Support and Debilitating, this makes him extremely dangerous and besides that shivs is there to back him up

How to counter?- To counter this setup you are going to need a strong mech or bio dps, shivs and shank are both a big threat and leaving one another alive is still dangerous, you need to take them out before they do otherwise, there are not much support heroes that can help counter them, so dps is the to-go, you would need to kill either one of them first, not the support, they will shred through your defenses before you can even take theirs out, shank loses his damage bonus if shivs is killed and shivs loses the extra survivability if shank is killed, i reccomend killing shivs first as she has less more hp and makes the team less more lethal

Will it be game breaking?- No it will not be, as a strong dps can easily counter them just as siren is counterable, but this will be annoying to play against as it is a very good setup and if it catches you off-guard you are most likely to lose due to the insane dps at the start of the game, if you manage to survive that shivs will boost shank more and that might be the end
Here is a video to show you how big the boost is, as some might not understand what i mean by dealing damage

Hope you enjoy the epic duo being back!


I forgot to mention, shank can destroy cover pretty good as well!


It’s fixed now? YES!

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I would love to see a Shivs nerf like Panzer got in dispersion of the shots… it’s at this point freaking pointless to even try to beat a team that gives you a 10* full barred Shivs as opponent. It’s completely ridiculous how fast she shreds any target especially in the short range arenas… It’s frustrating and blatantly unfair… no matter what people think.

She is not to op, i never face any opponent i can’t beat with it

Then you only faced bots or monkeys… when i face her, 9/10 times i can just rage quit, cause she shreds my teams within seconds. especially on the small arenas as mentioned… her spread is too narrow and does way too much damage.

With Krieger, Halo and Marianas emerging as a new meta - it’s good to have some counters like Shivs shredding front-lines.

No it’s fine, otherwise she would have been nerfed already