Hero Spotlight: Shivs


Faction_ColorIcon PEOPLE’S GUARD

Shivs, the Prison Bladesmith, is a Frontline powerhouse with a rapid-fire, quick-reloading shotgun. She specializes in stacking powerful Damage Over Time effects that persist until the target dies. Team her up with her Partner In Crime, Shank, and take on the world together with added bonuses!

Primary Weapon - Bonnie 1912B Sawed Off Shotgun



Bronze Ability


Shivs stabs the targeted enemy, dealing Elemental Damage and Elemental Damage per Second. This effect lasts until the target dies.

Twist the Blade

Silver Ability


Shivs jumps to the target and delivers a swift strike that deals Elemental Damage and Disorients for 10 seconds. If Shiv is active on the target, Twist the Blade deals Elemental Damage per Second until the target dies.

Prison Riot - Passive Skill

Gold Ability

Whenever an enemy is killed, Shivs gains a 50% faster reload speed and deals extra Damage for 15 seconds. If Shank is present, he also gains these bonuses.

Partner in Crime - Passive Skill

Platinum Ability


Shivs gains extra Elemental Attack Damage. If Shank is present, he also gains these bonuses.

Where Can I get Shivs?

Frag%20crate Frag%20Raid
Shivs will be available through Crates, and through Co-Op Raids!


But Wait…There’s More! Shank Updates!

With the release of Shivs, Shank unlocks his true potential! His Gold Skill, Eye for an Eye, and his Platinum Skill, Partner in Crime, also provide bonuses to Shivs if she’s present on your team when they activate!

But Wait…There’s EVEN MORE?!

Check out the Forum TOMORROW (Friday, Sept. 20th) for another new Hero announcement!!

What do you think of Shivs? Let us know in the comments!


Shiv seems like a good mech, excited to see what she can do. Very interesting her pairing up with Shank, and since I have never focused on him we will have to wait and see how that goes.


Is there a way of doing spoiler tags?

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Dang it, not another Peoples Guard month. Guess we have to wait for Patriots a little longer


I like this reveal, looking forward to how the dynamics between the two work out.

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Well there goes the big surprise…LOL Thanks :smile:

Whoa what happened to LANCE the bio hero

Yay new update!!!
She looks cool and has decent skills (elemental damage per second forever on an enemy?!?)

who now???
U going crazy man…


Do I get a ban for sending the picture?(incase I did) LoL

They can tell you, but then they have to kill you

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Lappooooooooooooooooooo daje!

Peoples guard again already???

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Maybe itll be peoples guard and patriots. or maybe magistrates?

Bro sorry but shank is not good rated player


Wait until you see him paired up with Shivs!


Wait until you see him alongside Shivs.


Bro, wait till you see him paired with Shiva


We’ll see, her skills seem pretty cool. I haven’t touched shank since his release, like many other newer heroes. I can’t see shank being that much better with her present. However… I’m always hopeful and excited about new heroes to the rosters. Damages the person til they die… that’s gonna be interesting…+halo. Looking forward to tomorrow’s other hero.


The “Who” hero’s gun barrel looks like Commando’s. I really hope it’s a BIO version of Commando/EliteRifleman ?!