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Hello Guys,

It’s something that I like to do, thinking and testing a good team, making good alchemy with abilities of all heroes. So I suggest to post all your teams here. Enjoy and comment :slight_smile:

With the arrival of Panzer which is destroying the meta, a lot of good possibilities came to us, so this is what I had seen a few times, and it’s pretty good

This is the Panzer and Keel Team AKA PANZERFAUST

  1. Keel Icon_ElementMech(destroying covers heal your team with her gold ability)
  2. NightingaleIcon_ElementEnergy (Or Phalanx**, Fortress***)
  3. Panzer Icon_ElementMech(your main dps and in second destroy cover)
  4. Mandrake Icon_ElementBio (invisibility to your team, huge protection)
  5. Baron Icon_ElementEnergy(destroy covers)

** help your panzer to survive at the beginning
*** more agressive

And my team Halo/Panzer :slight_smile: AKA THUNDERSTORM

  1. Halo Icon_ElementEnergy(Heal, Dps)
  2. Caine Icon_ElementMech(Crit Bonus)
  3. Flatline Icon_ElementEnergy(Control and ressurect)
  4. Panzer Icon_ElementMech(DPS)
  5. Heimlock Icon_ElementBio(Big heal) (or Moss**)

** With the Plat you gain more crit + Caine boost :slight_smile:

I strongly recommend you to control Panzer for more efficiency


Just curious, what power level do your teams play at?

Currently between 38.000 - 42.000

Maven,dogface,gammond,mandrake,fortress. all plat.

I control maven to kill all mechs. Her platinum skill adds more deadliness to her dps. Others are for support and dps.

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I have something very similar :slight_smile:

  1. Dogface Icon_ElementMech
  2. GammondIcon_ElementEnergy
  3. Razorback Icon_ElementMech
  4. Mandrake Icon_ElementBio
  5. Fortress Icon_ElementEnergy

Pretty fine against almost every team.

Isn’t that the almost the same meta with panzer added? :sweat_smile:

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/Troll Mode On
For the Panzer haters, see how to counter her :smiley:

/Troll Mode Off

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