PvP lineups

I originally came here to rave about how op dogface, panzer, flatline, mandrak teams are but instead I’m going to ask…what lineups do people use to counter this? My PvP lineup works amazingly against almost every other lineup but I eventually run into teams with those character and get my ass handed to me. How to counter it?

Close the game and reopen it in 2 minutes.

whispers: the panzer meta is old news. The new meta is Mauler, Ifrit, and Halo…

Seriously Mauler with these 2 as backup destroy the mech meta right now. And I’m sure once everyone switches over to that meta, we will see a rise in Ronin beast teams…its a cycle :slight_smile:

For me anyway I’m still dying to panzer dogface mandrake flatline teams…as I said I really only have problems with them. Mauler, Halo, ifrit I hardly notice them. But if there is a team with dogface or panzer combined with Drake or flatline I’m dead with no kills…

Mauler, Halo & Irfit is pretty easy to counter. I use panzer to take out halo & then mauler to take out irfit & then it’s game over lol. I wish they would buff mauler damage output tho.

What team do you run when facing them? If you got a strong mech like Dogface/Panzer in the beginning you should focus Flatline and killer her as fast as you can. Mandrake will make it a bit harder for you as she will be invisible but you should be able to see her outline and still hit her. What make Flatline so annoying is her gold skill that in combination with Mandrake keep the rest of your opponents alive most of the time. Add then her ability to revive any heroes you manged to kill even with Flatline’s gold skill

I have ateam that uses mandrake, dogface, and panzer because I Kno they are op. Against teams with similar comp tho it is all down to who gets first kill. Usually it starts with dogface duel or something like that and whoever kills the other dogface wins the whole thing. There has to be a better way.