Slurp has a thick Skin

Slurp has a level six skin. Once you obtain level 1skin, to reach level two you need 50 skin fragments and 50k bucks. Level 3 requires 75 skin frags and 75k bucks. Level 4 requires 5K Heronium frags, 300 Skin frags and 50k bucks. Level 5 requires 7.5k Heronium frags, 600 skin frags and 100k bucks. Level six requires 12.5k Heronium frags, 1k skin frags and 200k bucks. With level six skin you will not only have 6% advantage of armour, health and damage but also 7% critical chance.

The skin upgrades as you upgrade it

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I do hope HHG goes light on the plus skins, and doesn’t put them on every rare skin. Keep them extra rare and special.

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They already do this, lol. Check all new rare skins of this update – they all are plus skins.

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