Heronium Store & Skins

Hey there! There has been alot of confusion regarding skins and how to acquire them. Elu elaborated on the topic in the discord. Hope this helps clear things up!

-> Skins do give some kind of bonus

So this also means we don’t get fragments (element type) anymore when we get a fragment of a hero that is 10*

Did Elu confirm that we don’t get elemental frags anymore? We could just get Heronium along with the frags

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If it stop getting open elemental fragments from a 10star hero that will dramatically change the game, one of the key ingredients playing a lot a game is the hunger for progress. I hope it will be fine and Heronium is just another added option for us to have fun with.


If so, I think this is the worst.

I don’t think that’s going to be the case,
I think we can choose whether to take elemental fragment or skins with Hironium.
If not, the difference between the people who started later and already on the top will be sirious.

Dev can’t do such a foolish thing.


Well that will be the end for me to be honest if that’s the case

I don’t think they would replace elemental frags, that’d be a kick in the groin.
Thinking heronium is given in addition to elemental frags…
Not sure they would be used to purchase elemental frags, cuz then getting hero frags after 10* would basically give universal frags if you could use them to purchase any type you’d like… and I don’t think they’d do that either.

yes, I agree to you~
the end!

In the preview video, it says we will be able to buy frags from heronium store. Even if they replace elemental frags for heronium, we may be able to buy the frags back with said heronium. So nothing should change. But let’s just wait :slight_smile:


The game take its path to become a pay to win game


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To have 10 stars heros, I had to win PVP a lot and even bought VIP points for restock. And I plan to more 10 stars heros. If they only give heronium or skin and not elemental fragments, that would be the end of me. The incentive to make 10 stars is mainly to get elemental fragments. I hope they don’t put that away. If they do, a lot of people will put the game away.

I hope they will give heronium with same value for fragments. If not, we can still get less fragments.

If heronium is replacing fragments for 10* heroes that’s the stupidest design decision ever. Congratulations you will be giving a huge middle finger to every player that worked their tails off to get those 10* heroes just to be able to use them as a fragment source. Count me among those players that will be quitting this game if this is the case. I like many other people already spend a TON of money on this game every month and this decision is nothing but a greedy cash grab if it’s the case. This needs some clarification ASAP

People wave their pitchforks way too easily.

Yes, they are not rewarding you elemental frags anymore after next patch. You will be rewarded Heronium instead.

But they already said that you will be able to buy the elemental frags with said Heronium, so nothing should change (I say “should”, because shop may have limits, like Alliance Store, or may cost currency to refresh, like PvP store, so if you used to win 20 elemental frags a day, maybe that gets reduced to 18/19)

Instead of threatening with quitting a game just for a previewed feature that could even change before it reaches the game, you can calmly talk about it.

Wait for it, and once it comes, if you don’t like it, argument your point of view. If you explain why this (or any other) change is bad for a game, people is more likely to listen than if you just rage about it.


@GTSaiko idk if you have any 10* heroes, but we get way more than 20 elemental frags per day. I only have one 10* and I get at least 40 per day through PvP store…
I can only imagine what people with multiple 10* heroes get. And people that have 10*'d Fortress before this Primus event are getting hundreds & hundreds of elemental frags just within the last day.
What I’m trying to say is it would be very detrimental to put a limit on the amount of elemental frags we get per day, so I truly hope that its not the case.

My confusion is, lets say we have a 10* Gammond and get Heronium from duplicating him. Okay, we then have the option to buy elemental frags… Does that mean I can buy Mech frags?? That would mean I am virtually getting Universal frags, correct? @Howitzer @Elu @Huginn @Rook


I routinely acquire 100 or more just in mech frags daily so even IF the exchange rate for heronium to frags is the same as we acquire now you can bet there will be daily limits or restocks put on the heronium store which is still a cash grab on a game that already has tons of cash grabs. Like I said the heronium store is nothin but a blatant cash grab there’s no need it for. You don’t believe they could have added skins to the gauntlet store or alliance store? Or hell just add them to the black market for gold for that matter.

@Poobgloob if he’s the same gtsaiko in game he doesn’t have a single hero at 10* and is vip0. So I don’t think he understand the frustration with anything that disrupts the current way we acquire frags.

Yeh, I too hope there is no limit to the amount of heronium-frag changes we can do.

Yeah, I happen to be that same guy. But trust me, I understand the frustration, since most heroes can’t be farmed any way but pure luck behind crates. And once you get a 10*, you can start farming those.

But I don’t see how my VIP level is related in any way here :slight_smile:

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I like many others have put a ton of money into this game with the purpose of trying to max our heroes to 10*. Money I otherwise would not have spent and won’t spend anymore of if heronium functions that way. So that’s why i’ll most definitely continue to “wave my pitchfork” as will others especially when clarification on how the heronium store will function has been asked for from multiple people at multiple locations and so far HH has chosen to stay silent.

well, you guys got all excited and asked for skins with mariachi Matador, so… be careful what you wish for. :roll_eyes:

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