June 2020 Update Notes - The Torque Update

The Torque Update is OUT NOW!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

June 2020 Events Calendar: https://bit.ly/2Ud1Al3

:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:hammer_and_wrench: New Hero: Torque :hammer_and_wrench:

Torque, the “Dependable Mechanic,” is an easy-to-use mechanic with strong healing and bolstering abilities. Drop dispensers and keep them protected, but if they break, don’t sweat it! Torque can always make more, and his team still benefits from the destruction of his dispensers!

Check out his skills here: https://bit.ly/370XqC1

:fire: HOT ROD: Torque Skin Event :fire:

Take on the HOT ROD Event to earn Gearhead Tokens, which will give you a chance to win the exclusive Hot Rod Rare Skin for Torque!

Complete Helios Descends and collect Gearhead Tokens:

  • Level 35+ = 50 Gearhead Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100 Gearhead Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125 Gearhead Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150 Gearhead Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175 Gearhead Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200 Gearhead Tokens

Use your Gearhead Tokens to open Gearhead Crates, which cost 200 tokens. Gearhead Tokens and the Gearhead Crate will expire June 24th at 12 PM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

The Gearhead Crate continues the tradition of having great prizes, including Torque’s exclusive Skin Hot Rod and Gilded Tokens !

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip your Hot Rod Skin if you win it. If you win the Skin from Team Level 35-39, you’ll still own it, but you won’t be able to equip it until Team Level 40.

HOT ROD Skin Event starts June 17th, 2020 at 12 PM PST and runs until June 24th, 2020 at 12 PM PST

:world_map: New PVP Maps! :world_map:

By popular demand, we’re introducing four new PvP maps this month!

1. Beatdown Boulevard

Take the fight to the streets in Beatdown Boulevard!

Beatdown Boulevard features:

  • Lots of cover
  • Elevated positions on both sides for views of the entire map

Beatdown Blvd Beatdown Blvd 2

2. Courtyard Clash

Cherry blossoms and bullets are always in season in Courtyard Clash!

Courtyard Clash features:

  • Covered shelters
  • Close combat frontline

Courtyard Clash 3 Courtyard Clash 2

3. Smackdown Stadium

All roughness is necessary when you fight in Smackdown Stadium!

Smackdown Stadium features:

  • Close, head to head combat
  • Lots of cover

Smackdown stadium Smackdown stadium 2

4. Railway Rampage

All aboard the bullet train in Railway Rampage!

Railway Rampage features:

  • Extremely close combat, quick reflexes required!
  • Fast-paced battle

Railway Railway 2

:us: 4th of July Razordome :us:

The Razordome is back! Take on waves of enemies and earn Patriot Tokens to open Patriot Crates for a chance to win a rare skin for Bucket, Goddess!

The Razordome will be taking place from July 1st, 2020, 12 PM PST to July 8th, 2020, 12 PM PST.

:dog2: Min’s Danger Simulator: ??? :cat2:

Early reports indicate strange activity coming from the city center. Something big is coming, something that will change the world forever.

Min’s Danger Simulator (???) starts June 21st, 2020 at 5 PM PST and runs until July 8th, 2020 at 5 PM PST

:sparkles: Other Updates:

  • District 4 Extreme now available!

:muscle: Hero Crate Contents

  • Marlowe will be available in the Hero Crate!

:warning: Hard Mode Fragment Updates

  • No updates this month

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Hero Changes

Bucker Halloway klayton shivs icon


Bucker Bucket

Bucket is this month’s Buff Focus! Adjustments to her offensive and defensive abilities help her presence on the battlefield

  • Anchor Down Charge Time decreased from 24 to 18 seconds.
  • Anchor Down Health Recovery while Shielded increased.
  • Capacitors Health Recovery increased from 10% to 20% of charge value.
  • Offensive Mod increased from 0.8 to 1.1.
  • Defensive Mod increased from 2.0 to 2.2.

Halloway Halloway

Halloway gets a few adjustments designed to improve survivability and increase damage output.

  • Synchronize distributes more Damage to active Holo Doubles.
  • Solidify now adds Damage in addition to Health and Holo Double Health gain.

klayton Klayton

Klayton paid a visit to Brogan, and after some tense negotiations, got himself a better gun.

  • Weapon Recoil greatly decreased.
  • Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ Damage increased by 300%.
  • Stay Down Damage increased by 400%.
  • Seeing Red Health Recovery increased by ~10%

shivs icon Shivs

Shivs’ specialty is knives, not guns. She hasn’t been keeping up with regular maintenance, and it shows.

  • Weapon Pellet Count decreased from 40 to 20.
  • Weapon Fire Rare increased from 300 to 325, making her shots slower.
  • Weapon Reload Time increased from 1500 to 1800.

WHATTTTTT?!?!)! Four new PVP maps?!?!?! Whattttttttt!?!?! AND KLAYTON WAS FIXED?!?!


grabs brown paper bag, hyperventilates



Basically killed shiv just like ronin smh

Klayton buffed, Shivs nerfed :raised_hands:


Why do you guys let us buy heros then kill them after we paid for them nothing wrong with shivs now will be junk never used hero…but nice update with the rest good job there stop killing good heros buff more heros

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Dope, moving trains are cool to fight on and it’s a fact


Yup, they could have just changed the Prison Riot skill so she isn’t so potent on sand bagging teams. Easy fix would have been to make the skill only activate if the hero killed is a certain power, relative to Shiv. Or just straight nerf the reload speed and dmg increase on it.

The nerf they did all but makes the hero worthless. Lower pellet count, slower shot speed, AND reload increase? Add her to the graveyard along with Panzer, Ronin, Nightingale, Ifrit, and the others. Getting any sort of kill with her is going to require a miracle. They could have at least buffed her Shiv and Twist the Blade abilities. Meanwhile Kurtz goes another month unchecked, as does Phalanx and some of the other heroes who dominate the meta atm.

Super grateful for new PvP maps. Can’t wait to try em out!


I support everything except the shivs hammer grade nerf, and maybe the skin for bucket. Also, why not just name torque torbjorn already?
Something big coming from city center? Gorgon as playable hero?!?!

Nice! I’m looking forward to using Torque and his skin is cool, too. New PVP maps are awesome, seems like we’re saving the new game mode for further down the line, eh? :smirk:

Good to see the other events coming back, too, and Bucket’s skin looks great.

FAT Klayton buff, much needed. The rest looks good, too, I suppose. I’m not a PVP guy.

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Why release D4 when it’s no longer possible to pass 3-5 without serial?

To be pragmatic: Shivs is being Klaytonized…

Other than that, a nice patch HH!!!

Wait so is there another featured faction besides mercenary? @Skathi

It will be Mercenaries and Morlocks.


Yaaaaaaay I predicted it wooo hooooo

AWWW YEAH!! This is the stuff we like, Pvp for days!!!


Oh, me like. Lots of cool stuff

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PvP maps?!? Let’s Go!!!

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He literally got a nerf last month.