Squad Zero is looking for retirees lol

SZERO is currently recruiting. I’m seeking those who are a bit tired of season after season of Anxiety Wars and would rather get back to the basics of what made this game fun. Shooting stuff :grin:, or as I should say Actually fighting opponents as you do in other events and game modes like pvp and bounty events rather than week after week of brokering truce and pacts and wading thru the in game politics of “sustainable war” while suffering 95% CG success rate attack failures battle ship style lol. I’m sure I’m probably speaking to a small crowd, mainly alliance leaderships (officers/xo/former commanders) based on conversations I’ve had. But if interested feel free to hit me up.

All I ask is 1 billion minimum in bounty, a relatively low 40k on patrols minimum, active, And open to WhatsApp or discord, although neither required.

I’m just a old war horse trying to find a reason to stick around these days honestly…it’s a unending task searching for like minded individuals. Again if interested hit me up. Names the same in game/discord etc.