Squad zero (szero) is recruiting

Currently seeking active war potentials. We are a very active alliance, with long time members. We have reasonable minimums. 300 mil in bounty and 50k patrols, and no less than 3 days inactivity. If interested feel free to contact me or any of our officers.

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Can you tell me your in-game name? I should be looking for a more active alliance. Thanks!

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It’s the same with out the space, Ecafkrej

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Just so you know our requirements are bounty min 350 mil, Sectors taken 10 in war, Participation is necessary for all, and Patrols 50k.

Squad Zero is currently Recruiting again. We have 2 spots open. Seems old members are poaching us lol. We have reasonable minimums with many long time members. Aside from minimums, effort and loyalty to the alliance is all I ask for. Prefer those equal to our stronger than me, without ego/power trip issues, or those who are only coming in to be a officer immediately. We’ve had a lot of that lately it seems lol. If you need a active alliance feel free to message me or any officer. In game name is EcafKrej.

How well do you do in alliance wars? Do you at least get third place? Also what’s the clan tag for your alliance? [ ? ] Squad Zero. It would help ppl find it easier.

We place first usually. We have never placed third. The tag is in the title SZERO. You could search Squad Zero. Not hard to find.

Jeez no need to go hard ecaf. I was looking to relax in a more chill environment

Right…:rofl::rofl::rofl:. If the shoe fits :man_shrugging:t5:. You can Unwatch this topic. Clearly after the things you’ve done we have nothing left to say sir.

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“Unwanted Attention”

Squad Zero (SZERO) is looking for a war potential to fill open spot. Reasonable minimums and the alliance is a active one. Not looking another officer or commander, just someone who likes to win. Prefer those close or above my lower level. If interested please feel free to message me or any officer. In game name is ecafkrej. Yes…it’s jerk face backwards :upside_down_face:.

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finally another kind of egassem. sknaht
edit: finally another kind of message. thanks

Hi There,Just a question.How active is your allaince in war?

This post was a month ago…

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ive heard they place top 100 in war