Stars need to contribute more to power

It’s a general issue I would say that stars don’t contribute enough to heroes power. Better balance would be achieved if they ad more to hero power.

Stars and levels apply the same power modifers and are directly related.

Stars control the growth. So higher level lower stars is equivalent to higher stars lower levels.

Thanks that is clear but does this also apply to damage, health and survivability?

This because I am under the impression that more stars ad more effectiveness than a higher level.

Except that they really aren’t.

Run a test on your end:

  • Team Power
  • Heros
  • Hero levels
  • Skill levels
  • Unlocked Skills (eg Gold and Gold+4 would be permissible)


  • Team A is high stars, low bars, Team B is opposite.

Stars will win.

Perform another test:

  • Team Power
  • Heros
  • Grade


  • Team A is high hero level (and thus skill level), low stars, Team B is opposite.

Stars will win.

I think you’re misunderstanding what he’s saying. He’s not talking about rank at all - only hero level and stars, which do the exact same thing in terms of stat growth.

Would the difference be caused by the power gained by upgrading skills?

that’s the point
stars should apply more power modifier than levels, not the same

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. The power you gain from increasing levels or stars is just a result of the stat increase. Levels and stars both affect the modifiers of the hero, which - by definition - means they affect stats in exactly the same way - and thus increase power in exactly the same way. They’re just scaling multipliers. Power is not an independent variable here - it’s an aggregate calculation.

Upgrading skills also ads power, but it might ad less effectiveness than base damage and health as influenced by leveling and evolving.

Does that make sense. My point is I didn’t stand a chance against this team and it’s the most extreme min max I encountered recently.

ok, my bad for conveyed the message very poorly (not being sarcastic)

what im trying to say is they should increase the value of stars on the formula

simply put,
if right now 1 star = 5 level worth power increase
then make it to 1 star = 7-10 level worth power increase

(i still don’t know how the formula works, so i just use that example)

Ah ok I understand now; sorry for not catching that before.

I think the potential issue here is that if you increase the stat jump from adding a single star, you end up creating bigger imbalances from differently starred heroes, even if you’re trying to maintain as perfect a balance as possible.

For example, if I’m playing normally and starring my main team of 5, there will inevitably be times where my highest power hero has 1-2 stars more than my lowest - simply due to the variation in frag availability between different heroes. If stars contribute a bigger stat difference, then I’m looking at a huge power spread between my highest and lowest heroes.

What is it exactly you’d be seeking to solve with higher power difference for stars as opposed to what we have now? The way I see it is that a lower difference means a healthier power balance from heroes with dissimilar stars.

i just look at the picture,
and imagine there’s gonna be a possibilty the winning side get to faced lower level enemies with 16k power, maybe 4-5star gold lv 50ish or even more lower

and that shouldn’t happen

His Clyde killed my Ghoul before I could get Clyde down.

So I remain with my statement stars should contribute more to power. Probably this is due to the flat damage contributing more to effectiveness than skills. Look at the image with his skills and their levels. This is what is wrong with pvp.

Please fix it.

Edit: punctuation

Those twm guys is a full alliance with that gameplay

This is a tough situation. Ghoul isnt exaclty known as a DPS guy in the same way Clyde is. Clyde is all DPS so even with elemental disadvantage I can see why he would put up a fight. Especially considering his weird power rating based on his upgrade path.

I will also say my Clyde skills have been similar for a while; before the change to his stun skill was largely considered useless and many didnt upgrade it. So seeing his bronze very upgraded and silver not upgraded isnt way off base. But how the power rating sees this is. It makes me wonder how specific they get with power ranking for skills and if they value them differently depending on usefulness and use (offensive/defensive).

I see your point, however it wasn’t even close.
Even than teams like this one don’t seem to make sense other then from a min maxing point of view. This only happens if they provide a significant advantage. Which I would consider an unfair advantage.

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