Stars Vs Strip

Been playing HH for a while, is there an easy way to distinguish the differences between stars and strips in regard of influencing the power of a hero? Is there a simplified version of description about What aspect of power do stars and strips boost respectively?

Stripes only really matter at gold-plat. 4 to 5 stripes is a bigger jump than 3 to 4.

But a plat stripe is roughly 1.5 stars

Also they boost the same things (hp damage) but grades are not linear (stars are)

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when i started there was a mantra
“Stars before bars”


If you’re familiar with militarty ranks, stars are indeed above bars as well.

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@Gruff_McTuff thx for your hints giving me a rough idea the proportion of power jump .
I m especially intrigued by your statement 4to5 is a bigger jump than 3to4 in platinum cuz I have a 10stars4bar Kunoichi. I need to choose between boosting another 3strip hero to 4 or Kunichi 4to5
@Matsoba yeah I will keep that in mind.
@sss good one, thx for connecting this obvious one that I actually missed.