Strategy Chat "Message of the Day"?

Hello devs,

Would it be possible to add a “Message of the Day” to Strategy Chat as well? Alliance Chat has always had one (as long as I can remember), but one specific to Alliance Wars would be immensely helpful in order to keep track of truces, attack strategy, the goal for the day, what time to gather for a mass attack, etc.

I get that this is what the chat room is for - but when others post in there, the information gets buried.
Strategy chat is a totally separate room used for one purpose. To update the Alliance Chat “Message of the Day” with Alliance Wars instructions doesn’t provide the visibility needed.



Right on, I accidentally attacked a allied sector because it was not on the “Message of the Day”…SMH

I’ll pass the suggestion along to the team. Thanks!

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I second this request. O so much i can fit in that little banner. Hard to give general info on so many formats.

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