Private messages within alliances

I really wish we could have a pm all button just on the side where all the buttons for the alliance are, just so its easier to get ahold of everyone when we need them for certain things (mainly war). It would be awesome if that could be implemented!

Anyways I still love the game, just a few minor things to make life easier!

Rag :slight_smile:

That would be great. Doubt it’ll ever happen though. Chats buggy enough as it is

Something like this would be extremely useful. Many people don’t want to get a chat app just to play a game. I would think you may only want to only allow officers and above to do it. I don’t know about everyone in the alliance. You sometimes have a jerk in the group. It’s bad enough having to deal with them in alliance chat before their kicked.

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Unfortunately this is why so many people use discord, you can have your own server for your alliance and you can @everyone or specific roles such as officers or XO/Commander etc. Of course you would need to download it as an extra app which understandably many don’t want to do

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