Suggested hero - Nimbus

Here is another hero I put together, because…its fun to. Let me know your ideas!

Nimbus, the bold rocketeer
Energy Hero

Nimbus is has a slim build with medium armor. She has rockets on her boots and wrists and a rocket pack on her back. She has a full biker like helmet with a fin on the top. She uses dual SMGs and is a mid lane character.

Nimbus has a permanent “Lifted” status and hovers above cover. She is continually and automatically hovering back and forth on her range line, making he a hard target for slow attacks.

Bronze - Forward charge
Nimbus moves one range type forward. If she is in the front line, she dashes forward and kicks in a boomerang fashion, stunning all hit in an area for 3 seconds and dealing X basic damage.

Silver - Expeditious Retreat
Nimbus moves one range type backward. If she is on the rear line, she also gains a shield absorbing X damage for 5 seconds.

Gold - Bold Strategy
When Nimbus moves forward, she gains X attack damage for 3 seconds. When Nimbus moves back she heals X damage for 3 seconds.

Platinum - Dire Straits
Nimbus movement speed increases by 25% per each downed ally.

The heroes AI may be tricky to program, and would have to be different then just spam abilities when they are charged. Probably pop silver when hp drops below 50% and drop bronze when above would suffice.

Her SMGs would have terrible bloom, so she would do much less damage at the back then the front. I feel like their needs to be a bit more strategy in new heroes. This would be fun to play and dip an weave through the level.

Surge would probably be a good counter to stop her in her tracks, but as would any rooting mech hero like keel.

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