New Hero Concept: Sakura - Ninja.exe

Element: Energy
Faction: Sar112
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Silence is a devastating weapon.
Expert on infiltration, double agent and master of escape.
Comes and goes and no one notices it.
She’s a ninja after all.

Bronze: Confusion - The hero creates 3 clones identical to her that distract enemies.

  • Clones follow the player’s movements, changing position depending on the hero’s movements.
  • Shots fired from clones do not cause damage, they only serve to confuse.
  • The skill cannot be reactivated until all clones are destroyed.

Silver: Mime - The hero steals a random skill from the enemy target and using it to her advantage.

  • The energy of the stolen skill is drained from the target and the reload is blocked.

Gold: Ghost Knife - every time the hero suffers a critical hit, she automatically throws a small knife at the enemy who caused that damage by hindering or stunning him for 2 seconds.

  • If clones are present, they too will throw knives but with reduced damage.

Platinum: Who is who - The hero gets confused between the clones changing her appearance.

  • if the hero dies and at least one clone remains in the field, it will take the place of the hero after 2 sec.
  • if the hero is resurrected before the clone takes his place, all the clones will disappear and the hero will remain invisible for 4 sec.

Appearance: she is a very thin Japanese girl, with short black hair.
Wears a technological all-black suit with white parts and details in blue shock and has a Kitsuki mask with a crack on the right eye.

The robe is something like this

Her Weapon: [insert original name]
Is a small silenced bolt action pistol.
It has a low rate of fire and low ammunition, but has medium damage and a very fast recharge

shooting rate : 4.8
ammunition capacity : 5
recharge time : 1.1 seconds
damage : Medium

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Another “Kunoichi”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Support. :+1:

I would say more like a mix of Xianju and Min.