Support aren't helping

Has anyone else had this issue - myself and another player have started accounts since the latest update. We have unlocked Solo raids, done the tutorial, but it won’t allow us to do the raid - says locked but coming soon. We have both logged this with support, gave the date, time, screenshots, told them when it last happened and it was on mobile and wifi, did a re-install also with no luck. They sent a generic message back asking for the exact info we had given them then closed the tickets. I know we aren’t meant to raise issues here, but can’t figure what else to do now lol

Screenshot_20201130-142733 Screenshot_20201130-142748

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on what screen do you see the locked message?? can you post a screenshot of that as well

From your screenshots, it looks like should be able to access the easy level and progress down the difficulty levels. Each level gets unlocked once you complete the previous level

Screen shot 1 shows the download tab with the unlock soon symbol on it. That’s the tab to play easy mode of bio raid. It did not unlock when normal missions was compleatly

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As Okelly says, the lock can be seen over the download button. Initially it didn’t say “Download”, it just showed “Play” but still had the lock icon appear when I clicked on it to enter the raid. After doing a reinstall it’s now stuck on the download option instead. And it can’t be connection given that Okelly and I are on totally different networks

This is an issue we’re looking into. I’ll follow up with whether the agent said that to you or not, but please review the forum rules before posting again. This post breaks two rules.

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