December update issue

Guys are you facing this issue?
After the new December update, everytime I load the game to play I have to download every match, game mode. Even the gauntlet mode, after finishing the wave 5, I reset to play but I have to download again.

The game start up too takes longer.

Besides, HHG must address the issue of downloading every game mode after every new updates.
This infact is quite annoying and frustrating.

Hmm, someone else had this same issue as well. It would be best to go to Support instead. You can tap on your profile, then “Support”, then “Contact Us”, and you’ll find it.

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Buddy u need to adjust your settings and font allow the apps which automatically clean your phone’s cache… This is the only solution that HH had given to me …

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@DESTROYER1DAN @R15HAV Thanks hunters.
Well in that case I need not go for support page coz I will get the same support I guess.

Moreover I have seen many hunters remark their frustration on this community Page about support service provided by HHG.

On greater note, let’s just be happy with what the HHG provides.

I think
They must release batch update to solve this annoying problem

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Let’s hope they will. :+1:

I never had any trouble and I contacted them many times. If it is a global issue, for sure they can not provide you specific support. But if you contact them in a polite manner and provide them some screens if they need, the support is helpfull and solves your issue in a reasonable time.
If you read the threads of the ones complaining about support, it is quite clear, why the support is not that helpfull towards them.


Acknowledged @WalleWu