Team options for 5-8?

Could any of you who have passed the 5-8 extreme make available prints of the teams or tips on how to pass? Note: I am level 96 and have few ruby ​​heroes


Check out the extreme guide, you want a full team of rubies to pass it honestly. Minimum 4 rubies.

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I looked there, it didn’t fit

What do you mean it didn’t fit?

Do you have a ruby fiber? I beat this mission three stars on two accounts using different teams but you need ruby fiber.

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That didn’t work out for the team

I have, she ruby, but I already passed

And you also understand what I say, what difficulty do people do the same?

Ah, 5-8 is a difficult mission, I have seen a few teams and have a few saved with videos to sort out. I have been super busy as of late, I will get it updated with more options as soon as possible! I don’t take it to heart if people don’t find the guide useful, 90% do but some don’t and that’s okay. I am more than willing to take feedback in places y’all think it falls short. Every person who has brought up issues I have sorted them and made the guide better for it, all feedback is welcome!


Your guide is very helpful, my friend, I didn’t criticize, but due to the team that didn’t have, it was difficult, but I thank you very much;)

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