5-6/ 5-8extremely mission need to be nerf

5-6 5-8 is at the time impossible to beat even with serial ruby5 fiber 4 siren 3 shank 2 hive 2 Ruby bars. That mission is too tuff to clear. After fiber nerf she’s not working good. What we can do to clear 5-6 sir plz tell us. It is important to win. I spent thousands of gold nd stamina even tried 1000+ times but no luck. Need help @HH @Skathi @Muninn plz guys do something


Ohh yea that mission was pretty hard even with fiber working like before. Some have passed it without fiber tho so you will just have to figure out a good team. Sometimes you have to stop playing extreme so much and wait for better hero’s to come out that may help…

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Half of the community doesn’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t understand myself either what the problem with the mission is. Give more specific. What enemies are tough? How can we change it so it’s less impossible? Are other players able to pass it?

Since i’m 100% sure it’s possible to beat. And the entire goal of extreme is to pose a increasingly bigger challenge

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I am also stuck on 5-6 can not pass it.I believed most people had passed this mission were using Fiber when she was super strong before she was fixed(nerfed). If you 100% know a comp can beat it please let us know. I can understand the frustration because I also had tried over 100 times recently.

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I did it once using the Siren + Fiber team but it is significantly harder now that Fiber has been nerfed. It is slightly better than the original ratio of 1/20 tries to get to wave 2 as I can do it likely 1/5 tries now but wave 2 is a monster killer without serial Shield up right at the end of wave 2 with Fiber skill already used so it does not end between waves it is near impossible. It truly is still a killer mission, sad to say it only get’s way worse in D7 with some waves having 2x the amount of enemies on screen than 5-6 wave 2 does, just take a look at 7-10 for example

(this is only one half the screen, enemies are to the left side of the bridge as well)

All I can say is good luck because you will need it to pass.


5-6 and 5-8 important becouse if i need to add bars on ruby Heros must need to clear 5-6-/5-8.
Without thus mission not possible to make some hero’s 5bar


I understand way to well on the frustration with 5-6! I get to wave 2 and I’m dead in mere seconds.

I’m using…

Ruby+5 Fiber
Ruby+5 Serial
Ruby+4 Siren
Ruby+5 Commander
Ruby+5 Kreiger

That’s the team that gets me past the first wave, then as I said the second wave just crushes me!

As far as nerfing 5-6 & 5-8 I must disagree with it. Nerfing heros or campaigns just cause you cannot defeat the hero or pass the level is just getting a bit out of hand. Am I frustrated I cannot beat 5-6, you bet I am, however, like all the extreme campaigns before 5-6 I was frustrated with it felt good once I finally conquered them!

My advice is just take a break from extreme campaigns. Come back to it after you have upgraded a few old or new heros, & maybe you get further next time.

I come back to 5-6 every time I upgrade a different hero that I think might just do the trick.

To me that’s part of the fun of this game is trying to figure out how to beat the next level or how to defeat a new hero or hero combination!

I hope this helps some people here.



I would 100% agree with this sentiment about 2 months ago when Fiber was released as it was still hard but at least achievable and possible now. I am skeptical how such a large release 7* hero get’s let out with such a game breaking bug and is not addressed for a month at all and then out of the blue she is nerfed to no longer making some of these difficult missions possible. I usually agree on the terms of making new heroes that add viability to hard missions rather than nerfing but by adding the hero and then nerfing her so she is no longer viable, that’s like throwing sand in the eyes of the players imo


This statement is why so many people felt cheated. They were coax into spending hundreds of dollars into getting fiber to get further in Extreme because they saw so many people clear dis 7 extreme and then poof, she is no longer viable for said missions.


I gues when you all will reach 7.4 extreme will definitely quit the game. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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Buddy district 5 is important for strips up. Not district 7 lol

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Recent developments, for those who still say it is too difficult. These videos are post Fiber nerf and are from a few days ago. Both can be beaten under level 100 still. Enjoy the show, sorry I have not been keeping the guide up to date as much as it should be. Finishing up my degree then I will have more free time to work on it and keep improving it.

Extreme 5-6

Extreme 5-8