Thanksgiving 2019 Update Notes

The Thanksgiving 2019 Update is OUT NOW!

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December 2019 Events Calendar:

:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:robot: New Hero - 4-Cep :robot:

4-CEP, the Sentient Medical A.I., is a rear-line fighter who picks off its enemies with power laser and scalpel attacks. Its ability to revive itself by draining Health from its teammates and a hardened body resistant to damage makes 4-Cep a frightening force on the battlefield.

Check out their skills here:

:fire: New Hero - Purifier :fire:

Purifier, the Elite Pyro, is an area denial specialist that excels in flushing enemies out of cover. His powerful Damage Over Time effects make him a thorn in any enemy’s backside.

Check out his skills here:

:turkey: Thanksgiving Razordome Event! :turkey:

Get ready to spend Thanksgiving 2019 in the dome! Complete challenges to earn Razordome tokens, which you can use to unlock a special Thanksgiving Crate!

The Thanksgiving Crate has lots of great prizes, including a new LEGENDARY Skin for Beck! Can you guess the name?? :thinking:

The Thanksgiving Razordome will be taking place November 25th, 2019 to December 2nd, 2019!

:brain: BIG BRAIN TIME - 4-CEP Skin Event! :brain:

Grab your friends and assault City Hall for the Co-op Raid Big Brain Time, for a chance to win awesome rewards, including 4-CEP’s exclusive skin, ID-34! This event will be taking place from Dec. 6th, 2019 to Dec. 13th, 2019.

Take on enemies and collect Big Brain Tokens:

  • Level 35+ = 50 Big Brain Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100 Big Brain Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125 Big Brain Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150 Big Brain Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175 Big Brain Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200 Big Brain Tokens

Use your Big Brain Tokens to open Big Brain Crates, which cost 200 tokens. Big Brain Tokens and the Big Brain Crate will expire Dec 20th, 11 AM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

The Big Brain Crate continues the tradition of having great prizes, including 4-CEP’s exclusive skin ID-34 and Gilded Tokens!

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip your ID-34 Skin if you win it. If you win the skin from Team Level 35-39, you’ll still own it, but you won’t be able to equip it until Team Level 40.

:heart_decoration: Extra Life - Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Extra Life! With your help, we’ve raised over $4,200! :tada:

Heimlock Extra Health skins will be sent out later this week. Make sure to update your game as soon as the update is available on your device to make sure you receive the inbox message with the skin correctly!

Didn’t get the skin? Still want to donate? Donations are being accepted up until Dec 31st, 2019!
Donate here:

Note: If you donate at a later date, you may see a delay in getting your incentive rewards, as these will be granted on a manual basis.

:tada: Other Updates! :tada:

:zap: You can now watch 5 ads instead of 2 for extra Stamina!

:gift: There’s now new Login Bonuses for the first 7 days after all new updates!

  • Log in each day after the new update to get awesome rewards! Don’t miss a day!

:tv: Graphics Update - High Frame Rate Mode

:muscle: Hero Crate Contents

  • Shivs will be available in the Hero Crate!

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Pris and Beck will be featured for the month of November!
  • Fischer and Sapphyr will be featured for the month of December!

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Clyde will be featured for the month of November!
  • Steele will be featured for the month of December!

:warning: Hard Mode Fragment Updates

  • Kunoichi will be replacing Cast in Districts 1 and 2!
  • Vanguard will be replacing Bolt in Districts 4 and 5!
  • Ronin will be replacing Richter in Districts 4 and 5!
  • Xianjiu will be replacing Moss in District 9!
  • Castellan will be replacing Caine in District 11!
  • Sentry will be replacing Briar in Districts 11 and 12!
  • Richter will be replacing Surge in District 12!

Hero Changes

alvarez%20icon turkey%20icon Elite%20Rifleman Panzer shivs%20icon yeager

Click here for Details!

alvarez%20icon Alvarez

Alvarez’ Temporal Lockout has been updated, giving you a reason to level it up.

  • Temporal Lockout Stun duration increases as the Skill is leveled up

turkey%20icon Beck

Beck gets her Legendary Skin this month! As always, Legendary Skins come with a new Skill.

  • Legendary Bronze Skill Pass the Gravy: Beck tosses a can of gravy that explodes over the battlefield, dealing Elemental Damage to enemies and Health to Allies.

Elite%20Rifleman Elite Rifleman

Elite Rifleman gets more damage in the form of an upgrade to Scatterfire.

  • Scatterfire Damage increased by ~10%

Panzer Panzer

Some adjustments to Panzer’s kit bring her more in line with her intended purpose.

  • Breach and Clear Damage decreased by ~10%
  • Breach and Clear starting Skill Charge increased from 85% to 90%

shivs%20icon Shivs

Shivs came out of the gate swinging a little too strong. We’ve given her a slight adjustment.

  • Weapon Damage decreased by 10%

yeager Yeager

Yeager’s Archangel is sometimes frustrating to use. Adjustments to the Skill’s ammo capacity make it more satisfying to use, as you won’t need to reload midway through the Skill’s timer.

  • Archangel ammo increased from 70 to 120

“Im a Chicken”-Beck, who didnt want to be in one.

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I don’t know what to make of the Beck skin.

Ironically, 4-CEP looks more terrifying without his 4 skin than he does with it…


I think I got the reference

A turkey skin? Whaaaattt theeeeee

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The beck skin is…whatever. A little too cartoony but, more content is always welcome. The hero adjustments are a step forward. I Hate that u had to mess w/ Shivs. :confused: she’s my favorite hero, 4- cep should be interesting, bring on the update.

Gobble. :turkey: :poultry_leg:

Way to really come out swinging with the new legendary skin. It was well worth the wait…my young daughters will enjoy the amusement.


Turkey skin? yes yes. so i am looking to get that and the 4-cep skin and then the robot itself. its gonna be a good week.

working on getting heimlock stronger

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Is it called “the only legendary skin I would never use”?

My dude, that’s the most amazing skin I have ever seen! I might even switch out my muerto portrait for that skin portrait. The skill improvement is also going to make beck useful so if you use her, there is no reason not to love that skin!

Speaking of legendary skins not used:

I have the Nightingale, Heckler, and Salvatore legendary skins and I opt not to use any of them (despite opining they look cooler, and them obviously bringing stat increases) because I feel the skill changes make all those skills worse than the original skills. Does anybody else have an opinion on that?

Nightingales is the best skin by far out of all of them. Rather have a full squad heal then a single person and hecklers help in the overall power for war


Tollbooth: But most opponents focus on one ally with their DPS hero first, or if you have a taunter on your team…same thing. I used the Nightingale skin for along time. But after months of using it, I was happier and had more success when I stopped using it. I really hope the new Nightingale skin is Legendary with a different skill. But if it is just rare, I will definitely be using it over the legendary.

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Yeah, Night is honestly better without the skin.

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Correct me if I’m wrong here, but legendary skins don’t give any power advantage over other skins, as power is independent of skills, right?

I upgraded his bronze skill and nothing changed. The only thing I see different is the starting duration is 6sec instead of 7sec. What’s up?

Not expecting the Beck skin… :turkey: & Healing Gravy :safety_vest: Take away: Thanksgiving if anyone eats too much it’s gravy (quick to reduce feeling full)!!!
Gravy :bomb: :eyes:
I hope the new hero adjustments work well…
Hot Heads- Congratulations on the donations :clap::tada::+1:

Every 10 skill points the duration increases

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LOL, the High Frame Rate is just amazing.

Btw, which will be the featured faction besides mercenaries?