The Road to the Anniversary Update!


This month’s update, version 3.0, is coming soon! Leading up to the release, we’ll be providing sneak peaks at the new features coming to our Anniversary Update.

Schedule (Content and Dates Subject to Change)

  • Feb 7th: Teaser Video (keep an eye on our Facebook page!)
  • Feb 10th: Sneak Peak #1 (Content Reveal)
  • Feb 12th: Sneak Peak #2 (Feature Reveal)
  • Feb 13th: New Hero #1 Reveal
  • Feb 14th: New Hero #2 Reveal
  • Feb 17th: Anniversary Update Notes (Patch Notes, Feature Reveal)

Be sure to check the forum on those dates for sneak peaks at the new content we’re prepping for the Anniversary Update!


Yes, Finally some info on the extreme update. I’m hoping for a lot of good things from this new version


Someone will have to tell me about the fb video. I dont have fb.


This is gonna be the update that brings back retired players. Super excited! Can’t wait!


I sure it will be posted on Discord, and more than likely on here as well.


Yay I can’t wait for the video

You know you can watch the facebook video without an account unless your country blocks Facebook

will we see this time nv100?

I hope so because if I remember correctly the others had the level change

Exciting! Looking forward to the coming weeks!

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Eey? What’s this? Teasing the anniversary update? :wink:

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So pumped for the extreme news is it level cap moved too 100 is it a new rank for my heros (extreme rank). Who knows but I know the members of this household are pumped!


Hmm… So version release is around or near end of month Februari, i guess

18th/19th for update. Guessed that with February calendar

Hero Hunters finally getting sold to Japan and getting a complete kawai anime makeover COUNT ME IN!
bye again.

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If the trend continues, that would be a good prediction (Updates are usually out on Tuesdays). Feb 18th for Android and Feb 19th for iOS (always a delay for iOS)

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The delay is due to apple taking longer to vet an update. Hhg releases the update to apple and android stores at same time…apple just takes longer to release to us

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Looking forward to this update… Bring it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where’s the video…?

They’ll probably post it within the next 5 hours.