Hero Hunters: 3rd Year Anniversary Update!

The Anniversary Update is COMING SOON!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

February 2020 Events Calendar: https://bit.ly/2ON1eih
March 2020 Events Calendar: Coming soon!

:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:paintbrush: New Hero: Irezumi :paintbrush:

Irezumi, the Deadly Ink Master, joins the Hunt! Turning her venomous tattoo ink on her opponents, Irezumi excels in powerful Damage Over Time and debuff Skills that leave enemy teams in shambles.

Learn more about this Hero on her Hero Spotlight: https://bit.ly/2U7JcuP

:muscle: New Hero: Serial :muscle:

Serial, the Cryogenically Frozen Super Soldier, joins the Hunt as the newest 7* Hero! This Mid-Line legend possesses strong DPS Skills and self-buffs, plus debuffs and the ability to attack from beyond the grave, making him one of the most relentless powerhouses ever to terrorize the battlefield.

Learn more about this Hero on his Hero Spotlight: https://bit.ly/2OcalsB

:haircut_man: SO MANY SKINS! :haircut_woman:

You asked for it, you got it! For our first Anniversary Update Sneak Peak, we’re proud to announce that every Hero who does not currently have a Common Skin will be getting one in the new Anniversary Update!

Check out all the exciting new Skins coming, and how to get them, over at https://bit.ly/2HackcS

:no_entry: Extreme Difficulty Mode and Team Level Cap Increase :no_entry:

Extreme Mode is our newest difficulty setting, taking its place alongside Normal and Hard Mode. You’ll need fully-upgraded Heroes to take on this challenge!

With Extreme Mode, we’re also raising the Team Level Cap to 100 and introducing new Achievements to match!

Gain new, powerful Gear items by taking on these amped-up missions!

Read the full details and breakdown here: https://bit.ly/38gNkwK

What are those new Gear items for? Read on!

:diamonds: Final Reveal: Ruby Grade! :diamonds:

Grow your Heroes to even greater heights by ascending to Ruby Grade!

More Power!

When your Heroes reach Platinum +5, you’ll notice that they’re still able to equip Gear items. Those Gear items, when fully equipped, allow your Heroes to reach Platinum +6 once you have the Anniversary Update (version 3.0) installed. After a Hero reaches Platinum +6, they can equip Ruby Gear and eventually break into Ruby Grade!

Note that you’ll need to raise your Heroes to Level 100 in order to achieve this new Grade level.

For now, with the Ruby Gear you can find in Extreme Mode District 1, and the Ruby Core MK I’s you’ll get through other means, you’ll be able to get to Ruby Grade. In the future, as more Extreme Mode Districts are released, you’ll be able to reach Ruby +1, +2, and so on.

New Grade, New Skills

With a new Grade comes a new Skill!

There are three Ruby Skills: each is designed for either DPS, Tank, or Support Heroes. Depending on the role a particular Hero fills on the battlefield, they’ve been each assigned one of these three Passive Skills.

Sorry, the Ruby Skill a Hero has is predetermined! You don’t get to choose which one they get. This means that everyone’s Kunoichi will have the same Ruby Skill as a Passive Skill.

Ruby Skills will either help a Hero lean hard into their specialty, or make up for their shortcomings in some way.

Ruby Skills start at Level 1, and take Skill Points and Bucks to upgrade, just like other Skills. Don’t sleep on these Skills if you want your Heroes to rise to their maximum power potential!

To celebrate the addition of Ruby Grade, every player will receive a Ruby Core MK I, for free, via inbox message! These Cores will be rare initially, so use it wisely!

:tv: Update Stream :tv:

We’re planning a developer livestream to show off all this great new content! Join us at https://www.twitch.tv/herohuntersgame on Feb, 20th, 2020 at 2 pm PST!

:art: Irezumi Skin Event: Spray or Die :art:

From March 2nd, 2020 at 11 AM PST to March 9th, 2020 at 12 PM PST, take on the Spray or Die Event to earn Tokens, which will give you a chance to win the exclusive Tagger Rare Skin for Irezumi!

Assault City Hall and collect Tagged Tokens:

  • Level 35+ = 50 Tagged Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100 Tagged Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125 Tagged Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150 Tagged Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175 Tagged Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200 Tagged Tokens

Use your Tagged Tokens to open Tagged Crates, which cost 200 tokens. Tagged Tokens and the Tagged Crate will expire March 9th, 2020, 12 PM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

The Tagged Crate continues the tradition of having great prizes, including Irezumi’s exclusive Skin Tagger and Gilded Tokens !

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip your Tagger Skin if you win it. If you win the Skin from Team Level 35-39, you’ll still own it, but you won’t be able to equip it until Team Level 40.

:gem: Serial Skin Event: INFECTED :gem:

From March 9th, 2020 at 12 PM PST to March 16th, 2020 12 PM PST, enter the INFECTED Event to earn Tokens, which will give you a chance to win the exclusive Heronium Infected Rare Skin for Serial!

Take on the Gorgon and collect Infected Tokens:

  • Level 35+ = 50 Infected Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100 Infected Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125 Infected Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150 Infected Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175 Infected Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200 Infected Tokens

Use your Infected Tokens to open Infected Crates, which cost 200 tokens. Infected Tokens and the Infected Crate will expire March 16th, 2020, 12 PM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

The Infected Crate continues the tradition of having great prizes, including Serial’s exclusive Skin Heronium Infected and Gilded Tokens !

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip your Heronium Infected Skin if you win it. If you win the Skin from Team Level 35-39, you’ll still own it, but you won’t be able to equip it until Team Level 40.

:muscle: Hero Crate Contents

  • Klayton will be available in the Hero Crate!

:vs: Note on PvP Store, Gauntlet Store, and Daily Login Fragments

  • As these update on a monthly basis, and not based on the timing of game updates, they will be featured in the Monthly Event Calendar, which launches just before the end of each month, to prevent confusion. They will no longer be called out in Update Notes.

:warning: Hard Mode Fragment Updates

  • Elite Rifleman will be replacing Keel in District 6, 7, and 8!
  • Callidus will be replacing Xianjiu in District 9!
  • Maven will be replacing Mandrake in District 10!
  • Pris will be replacing Sentry in District 11 and 12!

Hero Changes

Caine Elite Rifleman Halloway Prophet Razerback


Caine Caine

Caine’s ability to bolster his teammates is currently a little too strong. Some adjustments allow him to retain his functionality and role on the battlefield without being overpowered.

  • Armor Up max charges reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Counter Measure charges on Skill activation reduced from 3 to 2.

Elite Rifleman Elite Rifleman

It’s time to share the wealth! We’ve made Elite Rifleman a little more elite by letting him share the Health he receives from Frontline Assault!

  • Frontline Assault now grants Health to a random ally equal to 50% of the Health Elite Rifleman recovers when this Skill activates.

Halloway Halloway

Halloway works best when he plays to his strength: filling the battlefield with holographic clones. We think he should be able to do that more often.

  • Holo Double no longer increases cooldown of Skill by 30% per active Double. Skill Charge remains the same, regardless of current Double count.

Prophet Prophet

To increase Prophet’s ability to deal burst damage, we’ve made some adjustments to Amp Up, which in turn grants Phantom Shot a much higher damage ceiling.

  • Amp Up max charges increased from 3 to 6.

Razerback Razorback

Alphabetically last, but certainly not least, it’s Razorback, our Buff Focus of the month! With a renewed focus on making you pay for every shot you take against him, and synergies provided by his enhanced cover-breaking ability, we think he’ll find a place in many team compositions.

  • Taunt Shield strength increased by 10%.
  • Taunt Damage reflection increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Cover Damage increased by 15%.
  • Razor Burst now Disorients for 5 seconds in addition to existing effects.


Wow, Ruby! This looks great. Super excited for the skin events too! Ruby + 7?! Even better! This is an extraordinary update! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: You guys are the best.



This update looks phenomenal, you guys have really outdone yourselves with the Ruby upgrade, Level 100, all of the dope skins, and Extreme mode! (Not to mention the Prophet buff, I will love wrecking face with him now).

10/10 IGN :ok_hand::100:

(P.S. @LordNikon I agree, Irezumi looks better with the skin than her default tbh).


Absolutely! HH, way to go! Can’t wait for the update to drop!


Nice stuff.
P. S please make mk5 available for purchase in alliance/heronium store


Put MK5 and Mk6 cores in the Alliance store!




Wow, I’ve never been more excited for a update. This is amazing. The heroes look beautiful in the ruby grade.


I’m excited for this update to put a large gap between pay to play and free to play players. Hopefully the level 100 and ruby players are split into a higher power bracket in pvp thus removing a large amount of players from the pvp pool the rest of us play at still.

Now i had to work more on my concepts.

Is Category “legendary” (1.5m+) unlocked? Asking for a friend. :grin:


OMG. Both new heroes’ skins look amazing. Thanks for that.


no, never.
we had to suffer together forever

Very cool stuff! Makes it even more odd that people complain about a game that lets so much be had for free. Appreciate your time spent designing the game.


Although most is good, completely disappointed that nerf is Caine and not 4cep. 4cep is all over pvp and takes no skill to play as. I kill max 10 star heroes with 8 star plat +2 4cep that’s not balanced. Klayton still worthless was hoping I would be able to upgrade but since he’s just a meat bag with health and no damage,I’m glad I waited for notes instead. I had pvp match end up with me having near full health klayton vs ronin with maybe 3 shots left and even though I waited out shields and stunned I couldn’t get a single shot to hit ronin.

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@Muninn Sir I would also like to know if the next PVP and AW brackets will open up now? Gauntlet bracket, etc. etc.


I will say that I’m going to miss Caine’s 3 iconic floating orbs. :confused:


Time for the handsome man of the year( Razor) to get a buff

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New PvP brackets open as needed. Note that “needed” isn’t based on sentiment or feedback, but on the data our back-end tools gather from all PvP players and matches, so don’t spam us with requests for it, please. I don’t have a definitive date for if/when a new bracket will become available, but we’re aware of the feedback. Thanks!


Awesome job on the Razorback and rifleman buffs.