The second Flatline skin? Or a dream?

I’m not sure if this is even how I make a thread or anything close to it. But when the February update came out, there was a second Flatline skin. But it disappeared very quickly, she had 80s pink punk hair and even different tattoo design. I tried asking people in VIP, but like normal chat discussions I ended up being made fun and people accusing me of being high. I’ve been racking my brain about it ever since and I’ve finally drove myself nuts over it. Was there a second Flatline skin??? Or was it just a dream?? Did anyone else see it or get a screenshot? ANY sort of support would set my mind at ease. Thank you!

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YES!!! THANK YOU! I swear I was going crazy lol. Why do you think they got rid of it? Early release?

Don’t know, maybe it was made as an inside joke for/from a dev.

Hope not, I’m saving my skin dust so I can buy that if/when it comes out. Plus Shes one of my favorites, I was upset when they took her out of the store. Was working on getting her 10 stars.

It will be coming out at some point. :wink:
It accidentally got slipped in a release when it wasn’t quite ready to go out. We did an oopsie. :man_shrugging:


That’s great to know! Thank you! That’s what I’ve figured, it was there maybe 12 hours if that. I appreciate you taking the time to confirm this, will it be in a special store like the skins for Razorback, and Halo? Or will you just be able to make it with the dust?

I cannot confirm nor deny anything about this.

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That’s great to know Nikon! Have any of the devs seen the post with the different Rare/Legendary skin ideas? I think there are plenty of neat ones to consider :wink:

oh of course we’ve seen it :slight_smile:

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Brother I hope you find a place to work at the Hothead Head quarters because you dont find true love and passion creativity insiration. When They sign u just remember me lol❤ The man who’s writhing those amazing hero Hunter storie lines.@Vintermyst


Thank you Lord Nikon, I can understand why you can’t say anything about it. I appreciate you answering my questions. I look forward to getting that skin when it comes out, give me first dibs. Yeah?

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Dang, was hoping for a reply about my first dibs on the skin when it came out. @LordNikon but oh well, I can try right? Anyways I got my answer, if you want you can close this thread. Thank you again!

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