HH Colouring Pages

Hey Hunters!

I made a few Hero colouring pages for you to enjoy during this quarantine! I have plans to make more, which will be added to this thread as I finish them. I will also be adding them to the Fan Kit, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/HHFanKit

Happy colouring!


I’ll color Cinder for you haha. Thanks Skathi <3

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<3 thank you Skathi! Can’t wait for more, but I’m sure these take forever and a day!

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Colored it with Paint 3D!


unfinished coloring, but i tried. might try something with Cinder though


my WIP for the recolor of cinder. using shades of green here. so far like using Paint3d


she shoots fish from her backpack in this one (idk why. just want to see someone get hit with a salmon)


Hey @GIR thanks for letting me of a decent program for this. This is my version so far:


looking good! im finishing the grenades, and then got the backpack thing last. im trying to decide colors to work with

Yeah, my problem is the detail work so far and I don’t know how I wanna do the gun or backpack yet. Kinda going for a reverse-Kuno theme, a little ninja based. Love your concept too man, green is my favorite color.

love the black/red. i had to re do some of the lines. they kinda faded when i was coloring it in. i improvised on parts, but i went with some greys for the weapon and grenades. might do the same with the backpack.

If I had Photoshop, I would have inverted the contour lines in her pants, the black on mine kinda mutes them out, which is unfortunate. This is more difficult than it appears, simply cuz of the pixelation lol

ive been using the Marker brush at 1px thickness to get those faded lines. it was the only way it worked with that scale pattern

K, thanks for the tip, will try that out.

It worked dude, I’ll have to do this for some of the finer areas going forward, to close some gaps I’m running into. A completed version is gonna take me a long time lol.

nice, i actually have the game open cause i am having a hard time telling parts from the backpack apart.

Me too, I had to turn up the quality as well to see how they colored various areas. The backpack is going to be hell lol

It’s not a backpack, it’s a twin grenade launcher! :rofl:

hey guys! was wondering what your using to paint the coloring pages.

Paint 3D, it’s an app from Microsoft. The newer version of Paint, pretty much.

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Was using GIMP, but switched to Pain 3D. I would color by hand, but I got not ink.

Paint makes it easier to get those faded lines