To developers: Problem on loading the entry page of the Alliance War


As title, one of my alliance member (ID: AE2018). He has been having this problem and was not able to join the Alliance War for 2 times.

Pls fix the problem urgently. Thanks a lot!

Contact support about issues cause nobody here on the forums can help.

GIR, thanks replying. AE already sent to support 3 times and I helped him to send 1 time already. That’s y I really need to find another way to get their attention :sob:

I’m sorry to be annoying here but I have no better choice.

It can take up to 72 hours for Support to get back to you. You shouldn’t send in another ticket until it’s been that long, because that can delay the response time even further. And like @GIR said, people on the forum can’t help you with technical issues.