Alliance War wont load

So I’m trying to get into the map so I can do Alliance War. But the loading circle just keeps spinning. And the war tab on my chat is gone. Others in my alliance js having the same problem. I asked in VIP and funny enough Elf, from an Alliance we were facing responded back. They were also having this problem. I would like some feedback on this please. I’ll post a picture below of my chat tabs and as you can see the War tab is gone.

Okay, I’m embarrassed to admit I cant figure out how to post a picture… Somone help me out?

It’d be better if you spoke to Player Support though, because people on the forum can’t help with technical issues. A Dev might notice, but they’re probably just going to tell Player Support about it anyway.

To post a picture, look to your bottom right when you’re typing something. There should be an icon of a mountain w/ the Moon.

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Okay I see it, thank you! Yeah I should of went there first. My apologies

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I’m sorry to have to involve you but you’re the only admin I can think of at this moment. I sent a message to support but no answer. I know it takes times to respond but I just want to bring it to your attention my problem. Almost no one in my Alliance an tet into the Warzone. I keep getting alerts that my zones are being taken but I cant do anything about it. I know you probably cant help, but anyway you can atleast tell what could this be? Its multiple people even in different Alliance s

The developers won’t be able to help through the forum. Support will get your ticket, if you sent one. Pinging devs directly won’t speed that up any further. You’ll need to wait your turn!